The 2017 Pet Guide: Pet Products Gone Wild

Exotic treats, sunglasses and calming snacks take the cake—the just-for-dogs cheesecake, that is.

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Pet Guide: Pet Products Gone Wild

Let’s face it: Nothing is too good for your pets. They put up with you when no one else will and never utter an unkind word (unless, perhaps, you have a foul-mouthed bird). Isn’t it time to ramp up your pet pampering protocol?

1. Something new under the sun. Worried about your Florida dog’s sun exposure? Gold Paw Series’ Sun Shield Tee is a veritable multitasker that blocks 98 percent of UV rays while also providing coverage for wound care and skin conditions. It even can serve as a calming garment during thunderstorms. $20-$37.

2. The ultimate chill pill. Before that next storm or neighborhood fireworks display, perhaps your panicked pup would like Cani Bits, a treat infused with CBD oil (a byproduct of hemp) that’s supposed to provide relief—to you and your pet—within five minutes to an hour. The treats are also recommended for dogs with pain and vision issues. $19.99 for a 4-oz package; $39.99, 10-oz.

3. When the fur flies, control it. You think you need a high-end hair product for just your head. Imagine having to worry about a whole body covered in the stuff. Now there’s Pet Head, described as “an edgy, fashion-forward line of pet products.” There are shampoos, conditioners and sprays. $9.99 each.,,,

4. Dishing up style. Say goodbye to the days of unsightly food bowls being your No. 1 pet peeve. Unleashed Life’s designer food and water bowls, available in a variety of styles, will make any design hound proud. $25-83.

5. Made in the shades. If your dog likes to hang his head out the car window or cruise in your bike’s sidecar, Doggles sunglasses provide 100 percent UV protection and are shatterproof. You can even swap out the lenses, offered in a variety of fashion colors. $21-$25.,,

6. Let them eat cake. No need to skip a cake for your dog’s next birthday. Consider PuppyCake’s Grain-Free Cheesecake Mix in peanut butter or salted caramel or Wheat-Free Cake Mix in peanut butter, red velvet, pumpkin, carob and banana. Sorry, no party hat is included. $6.99.

7. No dental chair needed. Cat H2O and Dog H2O infuse a running-water fountain with an oral hygiene supplement that claims to protect pets from plaque, tartar and, yes, bad breath. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. $29.99-$44.99.,,

8. Beauty is in the eyes of the leash holder. Who said your pet can’t have tattoos? Angel Pet Supplies’ Inked Collection collars are described as “fine and detailed masterpieces” that are “built tough and constructed from the strongest materials”—but their artistry makes them a bad fit for rough-and-tumble pups. $49.99-$99.99.

9. Because ordinary is boring. If you want to avoid exposing your pet to common allergens, consider going with the, um, completely uncommon. Barkworthies Elk and Moose Antlers are naturally shed, high in nutrients and long-lasting. The company’s Beef Trachea with Kangaroo Filling provides a shorter-term high-protein punch. Antlers, $8.99-$34.99. Trachea, $9.99.,

10. Now if they could only make one for middle-aged women. If your dog has joint issues, hates Florida summers or suffers hot flashes after spaying, the Cool Pet Pad may become his new best friend. The pressure-activated pad cools for three hours and recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use. Though the gel inside is non-toxic, skip this product if your dog is a chewer. $24.99 for a small pad; $84.99 for extra-large.