Sweet Surrender

No matter how you slice it, your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception.

A fabulous wedding cake is the grand finale of your big day. You want your guests to “oooh” and “ahhh” over the spectacle of this celebratory dessert, which should be moist and bursting with flavor. Here, Jennyfer Mancino, owner and cake designer at The Sugar Suite in Maitland, shares her tips on what to consider when shopping for your wedding cake, plus a few of her favorite choices.


How would you suggest a couple prepare for a design consultation and cake tasting?

First, take a look at the bakery’s portfolio and website for examples of their work. And second, it’s always a good idea to bring any inspiration pieces, like pictures of dresses, décor, or anything that has inspired your wedding design style.

What should a couple consider when choosing flavors?

A lot of our couples choose classic flavors because they’re interested in pleasing all of their guests. But sometimes it’s fun to choose flavors that represent the couple’s personality. For example, if they are big beach-goers, I would suggest something like the Key lime pie cake. Or, if they had tiramisu on their first date, that would be a more personal choice for them. Our most popular choice is the amaretto cake; it’s a classic flavor favorite. We use Disaronno amaretto; I believe quality ingredients are essential.

What exactly is fondant? And how does it compare to traditional buttercream frosting?

All bakeries have a first thin frosting called a crumb coat, which is always buttercream. Then the exterior of the cake is covered in either a final coat of buttercream or fondant.
Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled out into a sheet and laid on the cake. It gives the cake a smooth texture and is absolutely edible. We use a white chocolate fondant that is delicious.

Is a white wedding cake still popular? Or are you getting
more requests for color and unusual flavors?

A beautiful, classic white wedding cake will always be in style. We are seeing more requests for distinctive cake designs, but I think the entire industry is seeing more personal and unique weddings. If colors, patterns or textures play a dominant role in the design of the reception, then the wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to bring all of these elements together.

Typically, how large a wedding cake is needed for 100, 150, 200 or more guests? And how much can a couple expect to pay?

Wedding cake prices can vary widely, depending on the bakery and the number of tiers, the design and the detail.
-For 100 guests (3-4 tiers), they can range from $350 to $1200.
-For 120-150 guests (3-5 tiers), they can range from $420 to $1800.
-For 200+ guests (4+ tiers), prices can start at $700 and go up from there.

Lemon poppy cake with vanilla bean buttercream and raspberry filling. Southern red velvet cake with traditional cream cheese frosting.
Raspberry lemonade pink lemon cake with raspberry buttercream and lemon curd. Mint chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and mint Oreo cookie crumbles.
Black and white chocolate and vanilla cakes with chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Chocolate & salted caramel chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and salted caramel ganache.


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