Sweatin' for the Dress

Our YES and NO guide to wedding weight loss.

Many brides try to shed a few pounds before their big day to look their best in their wedding dress. However, not every pound-dropping trend is a good idea. So before you say yes on that day, here are other tips to say yes – and no – to.

There’s a bad bridal habit trending: not drinking water for 24-36 hours before the big day so that you don’t carry as much water weight, and therefore look skinnier. But even though you may lose water weight, your face might end up looking malnourished. Think emaciated (but still droolworthy) Hugh Jackman in Les Mis. Not good, not healthy.

Denying yourself water can also negatively alter your mood and energy levels. Drinking eight glasses a day can actually help reduce bloating, according to the Mayo clinic, and help you appear slimmer.

Say NO Salt
If you reduce your sodium intake, it can assist in temporary weight loss. Not because salt has calories, but because it makes your body retain water. According to Men’s Fitness, reducing sodium from your diet will help you appear slimmer and tighter. Cutting sodium isn’t just about ignoring your table salt shaker; other processed foods usually have an amount of sodium in them, so pay attention. Opt for fresh ingredients and organic foods.

Say YES to Exercise
During all the hustle of planning a wedding, routine exercise can get lost in the shuffle. It’s important to stick to your exercise routine or, if you don’t have one, create one. It will not only aid in calorie burning and toning, but it’s also been proven to lower stress levels. So instead of emotional eating or overeating when you feel overwhelmed by the big day planning, throw on your sneakers and go for a hop or hop on the elliptical.

Say NO to Alcohol
It’s important to eat your calories, not drink them. Most alcoholic beverages are over 100 calories each, so before your day avoid too many of these. It can be difficult with the rehearsal dinners and bachelorette parties, but waiting until the reception might be a better idea.

Say YES to Table Meals
Because brides are so busy during the wedding planning stages, they often multitask while eating. The problem with that is they don’t notice the amount and the speed they are eating. So, make time to eat each meal at the table and only concentrate on that. It’ll keep your portions in check and give you those few minutes of “me time” throughout the day.

Keep in mind that crash diets and fast weight loss can have a negative effect on your appearance—and your attitude! When it comes to the big day, don’t take unnecessary risks. Losing those few extra pounds can be easy and healthy if you say yes to the right things.

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