Children’s fashions mirror styles of Hollywood kids.



When the coddled toddlers of the rich and famous make the pages of Us and InTouch magazines, they’re not wearing corduroy jumpers and Healthtex T-shirts. Suri Cruise may sport a Burberry dress in its signature plaid, and Maddox Jolie-Pitt is often seen in top-label jeans and graphic T’s. Celebrity moms and dads—who often dress their children as miniature versions of themselves—have set the bar high for style-savvy parents willing to splurge on their children—even in a tight economy. At Orlando children’s boutiques, labels such as Kingsley (a Jolie-Pitt favorite) and Harajuku Lovers (pop star Gwen Steffani’s line) hog the spotlight over familiar standbys such as Osh Kosh B’Gosh.


What’s Hot in Kids’ Fashion

Many style-conscious moms are drawn to looks they would choose for themselves to outfit their toddlers and babies, say Christine Trask and Kristine Good, co-owners of Sweet Cheeks Boutique in Sanford, which specializes in trendy kid’s clothing and accessories. Here’s what’s big now:

“The bohemian/hippy look is big—sort of like a little Kate Hudson,” says Trask. “Lots of flowy dresses in fun colors—patchwork, too.”

Kickin’ It Old School
For boys, graphic T’s and cool denim are popular, plus “personality” hats with ’80s-style motifs from old-school rap and skate culture. “There is only so much you can do with boys,” says Trask. “Their attire can be pretty plain, but you can funk it up with cool shoes or hat.”

Mix-and-Match Styles and Fabrics
Kid’s clothes shouldn’t be too serious and should always be functional. Mix dressy and casual pieces, such as pairing a frilly skirt with a white tank top and sneakers.