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Easy hair and makeup tips for looking vibrant on your big day

Keeping it simple is underrated, especially on your big day. “Choosing soft, simple and natural hair and makeup looks is important for bridal,” says professional hair and makeup artist Jennifer Beverly. “It makes your pictures timeless.”  So what does Beverly advise? First, keep the skin clean. “Start with a lightweight, dewy foundation to keep skin looking fresh,” she says. Next, to bring definition to the eyes, “contour the inner crease with a medium-toned eye shadow, and the outer crease with a darker one.” To further open up the eyes, apply a light shimmer to the lid and two coats of black mascara. For the lips, she adds, it’s nice to go with a neutral pink liner and fill in with a light lipstick and a touch of gloss. Read on for Beverly’s hair tips.

Rosebud Bun 
“The thing I love the most about this look is the side-swept rosebud bun. It’s as simple as putting up a softly curled side pony, separating the curls, and wrapping them individually around one another. It not only allows us to see the beauty of the face because the hair is back, but it’s also very feminine.”
Beloved Braid
“Braids have been on trend for a few seasons, in fashion and in bridal. This particular braid is refined and elegant. After parting your hair to the side, simply pull a thick section of hair about three inches behind your hairline and start braiding it back, following the line of an imaginary headband. It’s perfect for bridal and not at all time-consuming.”


Lifting the Veil. Alternatives to the traditional wedding headdress.

By Alexis Senior; Photos by Norma Lopez Molina
Chain Headdress
There was a sudden interest in these glamorous headpieces when Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle wearing one. Look for a three-piece chain headdress with a middle part to create an exotic look.
Flower Crown 
They’re not just for flower girls. If you’re looking for something less flashy than a tiara but more substantial than a hairclip, the flower crown is a whimsical, bohemian, affordable option. You can even make it yourself.
Birdcage Veil
A classic fashion staple for women during the 1940s, the birdcage veil offers a modesty factor similar to that of a traditional veil, but with a retro feel. Give it a contemporary edge with a pop of color or some beading or lace.
Feather Fascinator 
Feeling bold? A feather fascinator will give your look sophisticated flair with a Victorian vibe. This is another option you can make at home—find an embellished brooch, a few white feathers and some glue, and you have a one-of-a-kind fascinator.
Lace Headwrap
A lace wrap can add 1920s art deco style to your bridal look. It has the classic lace of a veil, but wearing it wrapped around your head, or even a little lower over your forehead, will make for your own romantic, avant-garde wedding-day look.


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