Seven Secrets of Savvy Cyclists

Check out these top tips for cycling in Central Florida.

1. Bike helmets are optional under Florida law for riders 16 or over. But for savvy cyclists, helmets are not optional. You only have one brain, encased in a fragile skull. Protect the egg!

2. You are not a salmon, so swimming upstream is not okay. Always ride with, not against, traffic. 

3.  Sidewalks and crosswalks are for pedestrians. If you find yourself on either one, get off your bike and walk it.  

4. Avoid the squeeze play. Assume that a car turning right won't see you in a bike lane. Give it room. The right hook kills more cyclists than any other accident. 

5. Better yet, if there is no bike lane, position your bike in the traffic lane, as if you were in the driver’s seat of a car, and go with the flow.  

6. If you are using a bike lane, ride as close to the left-hand line as possible, for maximum maneuvering room on the right. Passing cars must give cyclists three feet of clearance. Also, watch for drivers opening parked car doors on your right. 

7. Bicycles are vehicles. Obey all traffic signals. Don’t be a rider who insists on bicycle rights without bicycle obligations.  A stop sign means STOP. 

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