Second Life

Recycle your old containers and use them as unique garden planters.

Are you a gardener without a garden? Is space a concern? Maybe you live in a rental, and your landlord won’t allow you to add to the existing landscape. Perhaps you live in a high-rise and would like to turn your patio into your own private green space. Recycled—or what I like to refer to as up-cycled—containers are a great way to accomplish this. Add plants to any garden or environment with repurposed containers. The possibilities are endless and quite economical. 

Just a few ideas: Coffee cans or decorative tins make fun colorful planters. You can turn an old colander or pedestal birdbath into a small beautiful bed of succulents. Don’t throw away that old dresser; use the drawers as planters for a distinctive tiered garden. If you prefer to start small, try an old shoe or a teapot. Do you have a beat-up toolbox or a worn  suitcase? These will work, too. Give your rickety wooden ladder new life as a plant stand. Just about anything goes. Use your imagination and be creative. It’s a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your garden. 

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