SeaWorld Lights Up the Night with “Electric Ocean”

Don't miss this exclusive summer event!


The sea has been coming to life in a new way this summer with the Electric Ocean, the exclusive summertime SeaWorld experience.

“This summer, we’ve reimagined Ignite (the fireworks show), added in new shows from Rescue Tails: Night Vision to Elmo Rocks, and made it a bigger and better experience,” says Ken Mills, Manager of Creative Show Operations and Production Manager for Electric Ocean.

The party gets started in the afternoon with Club Electric Current in Voyagers Plaza. “We have choreographed dancers and stilt walkers, then at 7:15 p.m., Club Sea Glow gets started at the Bayside Stadium, and we have dancers doing the same choreographed dances on opposite ends of the lake, all leading into the fireworks.”

Ignite 360 is the summer’s brand-new fireworks show. “We’ve added over 50 fountains to the opposite side of the lake, so now we have viewings all around the waterfront, from the Bayside stage to the lakefront side.” New lasers, flames, and other pyrotechnics have been added as well, duplicating what existed for the original Ignite firework display. “I recommend coming more than once and watching from both sides!”

Part of the Electric Ocean experience is “Rescue Tails: Night Vision” at the Seaport Theater. Audiences meet adorable and nocturnal animals that Sea World has rescued. Porcupines, owls, raccoons, and tarantulas are a few of the stars of this show.


A Chance to Join the Show

Another new show is “Elmo Rocks” at The Nautilus Theater. Ken Mills explains, “Elmo and his friends are going to a rock show, but the band doesn’t show up. So they have to become the band!” Audiences are getting more than just Sesame Street music. They’ll be treated to an eclectic list of classic cover songs from “Hip to be Square” to “Party in the USA” to “We Will Rock You”. “It’s an awesome show for everyone of all ages. It is just a big party. I catch adults singing along all the time, so nobody is too old for Elmo Rocks!”

Electric Ocean also features a new menu from chef Jomar Rios Berly, including XXL beef and chicken skewers that are over a foot long.

Electric Ocean is an exclusive summer experience at Sea World and can be enjoyed daily from May 27th through August 7th, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through September 4th, and on Labor Day.

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