Rooms With a View

Stunning living spaces with the outdoors in mind.

When your home has a fabulous view, you want the interior design to enhance nature’s beauty. In Florida, that view can be as spectacular as an ocean vista or as serene as an intimate garden or poolside setting. With a thoughtful interior design, the outdoors becomes, in a sense, another room in your home.

“In every room, there is always at least one focal point,” says Grant Gribble of Gribble Interior Group. “The challenge comes when two or more of these elements come into play.” 

Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interior Design focuses his design on the best views in the home “where the client can enjoy nature’s beauty. The amount of sunlight in the space really can come into play as well.” 

When Pam Niemann of Niemann Interiors designed a room that looked out onto her clients’ outdoor pool, she created the illusion of a bigger living space. “The pool’s screen enclosure is beyond the Moorish-style colonnade, so it makes the house seem larger,” she says. “The pool was integral to the whole design of the house.”

Take inspiration from the work of these local interior design professionals.

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