Romancing the Stones

A brilliant colored gemstone may be the engagement stone for you.

Prince William helped fuel the fire for gemstone engagement rings when he gave Kate Middleton the brilliant blue sapphire and diamond ring that belonged to his mum, Princess Diana. Classic solitaires are always a safe bet, but that deep blue gemstone made many women realize the perfect engagement ring comes in many different shapes, sizes, cuts and colors.

Yellow is the color of happiness and cheerful optimism. So what could be more auspicious for a long, loving marriage? A Tiffany yellow diamond ring radiates sunshine. Prices available upon request. Tiffany & Co., The Mall at Millenia

A deep, cerulean sapphire speaks to those who love refined elegance. Tacori rings use blue gems in a different way but with stunning effects. Special order, prices upon request. International Diamond Center, area locations
This Kwiat pink sapphire and diamond ring is not for the blushing bride. It’s for the bride who embraces glamour and adores being the center of attention. $3,450 (special order), Mayors Jewelers, area locations
Emeralds have long been associated with those who have elegant taste. Legend holds that if you’re given an emerald ring, the provider promises to keep you healthy, safe and financially secure. $5,995,



If you’re in the market for a diamond, it’s important you know the 4 C’s before you buy:

Or, rather, the lack of color is what the highest quality white diamonds possess. Grade D has the least color and grade Z has the most. The lower you go on the scale, the more yellow in the diamond. Good deals can be found in the H, I, J range, since the color is barely perceptible to the human eye. Colored diamonds, known as “fancy” diamonds, possess vivid, uniform hues and have a quality scale of their own.

Almost all diamonds have flaws, such as carbon blemishes or tiny fissures inside the crystal. Highest clarity grades are given to diamonds with the fewest and smallest imperfections. Many imperfections are microscopic, so paying more for a blemish-free diamond may not be high on the list for those looking for a bigger carat size within budget.

The cut dictates how much light can enter the stone and reflect back out. The better the cut, the greater the bling. The five cut levels are: ideal, very good, good, fair and poor. Most diamond experts recommend getting the best cut you can afford to maximize the beauty of your solitaire.

Carat is the measure of a diamond’s weight, not size. Two diamonds may have the same carat weight but look different in size. For size, consider the distance across the top in millimeters and the cut grade.


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