Retromended: Treasure Trove

Many of the pre-owned fashions at Retromended Vintage reveal unique, personal stories.

1 1980s Positive Attitude double-breasted jacket, $34

2 Dolores green woven hat with black band, $25

3 Amethyst pendant necklace by Pandski Labs, $45

4 Sacha London abstract metallic leather heels, $25

Green and white crystal bracelet, $22 

1960s Walborg beaded bag, $75 

7 Leopard print acrylic loop earrings, $16

1960s Apollo of New York knit sleeveless top, $37

The vintage clothing shopping experience gets an upgrade at Retromended, located in the heart of the Mills 50 District. Like works of art, each clothing item and accessory is organized and carefully checked for signs of wear—with some garments dating as far back as pre-1950.

Owner/curator Brandy Tezak’s love for vintage treasures began long before she opened her store in 2012. “I thrifted with my grandmother as a kid for crazy dresses to wear playing dress up,” she says. “When my grandmother passed away, going to estate sales made me feel close to her. Finding cool vintage items that could be worked into my current wardrobe became my passion.”

By the time Tezak (pictured top right) graduated from Rollins College, she had signed the lease on her first storefront. Today, she searches estate sales and works with her trusted vendors to find quality vintage items for the shop’s collection. But more importantly for Tezak, it’s all about the story. One of her recent finds was a Japanese silk kimono from 1925.


“The owner’s grandmother bought this beautiful kimono in Japan while she was on her honeymoon. She even gave me a photo of the couple. When I sell the dress, I’ll be able to pass along the photo with it,” says Tezak.

And while each piece is unique, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. To ensure the perfect fit, alterations are available from Sew & Gather. “As long as there is extra fabric within the seam, or if you’re open to getting creative and adding fabric, the sky is the limit,” Tezak says.

She adds that many of her clients get playful by mixing vintage and modern pieces. “Our client is curious and willing to take chances through her style,” she says. “She doesn’t need to look like everyone else. ”

Meanwhile, Tezak is always happily waiting for the next treasure—or personality—to walk through her door. 930 N. Mills Ave., Orlando. 407-674-8190.

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