Q&A: Laura Brown

The executive editor of "Harper's BAZAAR'' will host this weekend's Fall Collection Spotlight benefit at The Mall at Millenia.

Question: You’re hosting the 2015 Fall Collection Spotlight to benefit Runway to Hope, which is a program that provides direct assistance to children and families affected by pediatric cancer. What does this program mean to you?

Laura Brown: It’s so important for me to help out. It’s always great to be surrounded by lovely shiny things, but it’s even greater to be able to help others and do some good in the world.  

Q: As executive editor of Harper’s BAZAAR, you’ve been able to achieve so much in your career. What advice would you give others who hope to break into the fashion industry?

LB: Intern, intern, intern your butt off.  Work hard and make yourself indispensible for a company. Get in the door, get known, and do what you can to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Q: Designers and models are surrounded by so much competition; what is the key to having a fashion career that makes you stand out from the rest?

LB: The industry has changed a lot thanks to social media. You have models and designers becoming famous due to a huge Instagram following. No matter what, you should always be distinctive and have a voice. Those are the two qualities that will make you stand out.

Q: Were you interested in fashion at an early age?

LB: I’ve always been in love with fashion! As a young girl in Australia, I remember watching a fashion show on TV that had brands like Missoni and Chanel, and I just thought it was the most glamorous thing I had ever seen. Now it’s funny because Karl Lagerfeld (head designer of Chanel) has actually asked me to be in a short film he is working on, and I immediately flashed back to my little young self that used to admire his work from my living room.

Q: Did you ever consider becoming a designer? What drew you to journalism?

LB: No! I would be entirely useless as a designer. I think a career in journalism sparked from my curiosity of always wanting to know what was going on in the rest of the world. I’ve always been so hungry for information, and I’m a very verbal person. And I like to think that I’m an okay writer!

Q: What are the biggest trends this fall?

LB: A tailored, structured look is really in style. There are so many great trousers out right now, and I am loving the look of pairing sweaters with a pencil skirt. Seventies-inspired clothing is also a huge trend along with long bohemian dresses and accessories.

Q: What is the one fashion trend that will never go out of style?

LB: A nice button-up shirt. A chambray shirt or white silk button-up top will never go out of style. Every super chic woman I know is always rocking a great button-up top.

Q: How do fashion trends translate to Orlando?

LB: I think fashion translates the same throughout the world. Since the Seventies are in style right now, you may want to wear a fun floral shirt instead of a floral coat in Florida. Just because Orlando has a different climate, doesn’t mean the sensibility has to be removed.

Sunday’s benefit is part of The Mall at Millenia’s Fashion Week, celebrating its 10th anniversary. For tickets to the fundraiser, go to www.runwaytohope.org. For information on Fashion Week events, go to www.milleniafashionweek.com


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