Pioneering Cannabis Testing with D-SPEC: Revolutionizing Accurate Cannabinoid Separation

D Spec Testing 3chi

The burgeoning cannabis industry, with its promise of potential and profits, has underscored the necessity for robust and reliable testing procedures. It is incumbent upon consumers, retailers, and manufacturers to trust the products they transact with, ensuring these commodities adhere to regulatory statutes, offer the accurate concentrations of cannabinoids, and are devoid of injurious impurities. But, with current testing methodologies falling short, especially when dealing with new-age hemp products there is an urgent need for a solution.


Answering the call, 3CHI has introduced D-SPEC (short for “Delta Specific”), a trailblazing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing method. Designed to separate cannabinoids accurately, D-SPEC brings about improved transparency and safety in this fast-growing industry.

D-SPEC exemplifies innovative technology, specifically curated to separate individual cannabinoids with remarkable precision. Catering to an array of products, D-SPEC provides specific versions for Delta and THCO offerings. This avant-garde technique facilitates a broader range of cannabinoid identification, guaranteeing that products are appropriately represented in terms of content, potency, and legality.

While D-SPEC’s test requires a modestly longer duration of just under 30 minutes, it is a monumental improvement over prevailing shorter run-time methods. These existing methods often flounder in achieving the comprehensive separation of cannabinoids. The extended testing time with D-SPEC is instrumental in the precise identification of each cannabinoid in the sample and a more accurate measurement of their concentrations. This enhanced precision bolsters retailers’ confidence, safeguarding them against unintentionally peddling illegal products, and protects consumers from buying products with misrepresented purities and concentrations.


Current HPLC testing methods frequently grapple with separating individual cannabinoids, leading to imprecise measurements of concentrations and impurities. This issue is aggravated by the presence of multiple peaks on the chromatogram, which often obscure the actual composition of the tested product.

To illustrate this point, 3CHI demonstrated the use of D-SPEC in testing a competitor’s product that had been listed with a COA showing 93% ∆8 and 0% ∆9. Contrary to this claim, the D-SPEC test revealed the presence of seven different cannabinoids, which collectively totaled 93%. This discrepancy highlighted not just a severe misrepresentation of purity but also a product containing a significant percentage of ∆9, far above the legal limit of 0.3%.

Integrating D-SPEC into a lab’s testing procedures revolutionizes standards for quality, accuracy, and compliance in the cannabis industry. As an educational tool, D-SPEC can also foster awareness about the limitations and challenges of current testing methods. Thus, it empowers both the testing community and the public with a better understanding of this pivotal concern.


3CHI demonstrates its commitment to quality control and transparency by making D-SPEC available for download to crime labs and registered members of the testing community. By harnessing the capabilities of D-SPEC, laboratories can improve their testing accuracy substantially.

Incorporating D-SPEC into your lab procedures contributes to a safer, more transparent cannabis marketplace. Furthermore, it sets a new benchmark for quality, ensuring your facility’s compliance with the industry’s best practices and enabling you to deliver accurate, reliable testing results to your clients.

The urgent need for accurate cannabinoid testing in the rapidly growing cannabis industry cannot be understated. The adoption of 3CHI’s groundbreaking D-SPEC testing method is a significant step towards ensuring that the products circulating in the market are correctly represented, safe, and legally compliant. The transformation it promises is not just limited to individual labs but extends to the entire industry, with a potential for shaping the future of cannabis testing.

In the dynamic cannabis sector, navigating the plethora of products can be complex, and ensuring that every product aligns with legal requirements is critical. D-SPEC empowers laboratories to lead this endeavor, offering enhanced precision in cannabinoid separation and quantification. By ensuring that concentrations of Delta 9, and other cannabinoids are accurately represented, D-SPEC not only safeguards the legitimacy of the industry but also upholds consumer safety and trust.

Inaccurate and unreliable testing not only undermines the industry’s integrity but can also lead to significant legal implications. The cannabis industry deserves an accurate, robust, and reliable testing method to ensure that the products being sold, consumed, and manufactured are as they claim to be.


By implementing D-SPEC, labs can confidently avoid the pitfalls of misidentified cannabinoids and concealed impurities. Instead, they can provide their clients with the certainty that the products they are handling are correctly represented and comply with the necessary legal standards. This is an invaluable assurance in an industry where trust and compliance are key.

We are at a crossroads where the need for precise, reliable testing methods and the integrity of the cannabis industry intersect. By making a commitment to uphold the highest standards in testing and ensuring compliance, laboratories can not only influence the industry but also contribute to its sustainability and growth.

As a stakeholder in the cannabis industry, the question is not whether you need D-SPEC in your lab, but rather, can you afford to be without it? D-SPEC is more than just a testing method—it’s a step towards a safer, more transparent future for the cannabis industry.


So, are you ready to transform your laboratory procedures and join the journey towards excellence in hemp-derived cannabinoid testing? Are you prepared to make a difference in the cannabis industry and help lead the charge towards accuracy, safety, and transparency?

Apply for 3CHI’s groundbreaking D-SPEC testing method today. Elevate your laboratory’s testing standards, contribute to the industry’s integrity, and help ensure a safer, more transparent cannabis marketplace. The time to act is now—because accuracy and safety in the cannabis industry cannot wait.

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