PhenQ Reviews 2022: Does This Fat Burner Really Work For Weight Loss?


How many people you know have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? After the holidays, everyone is tired from overeating, and people are ready to hit the gym, eat salads, and wait for the summer with a great body. All that sounds great and easy, but as soon as the alarm buzzes an hour early on Monday for a jog with a smoothie afterward as a reward, that’s when things get tricky. 

Even the stringent workout routines and strict dieting can not provide immediate effects, so the motivation slowly goes down. The truth is our metabolism is responsible for a large portion of the weight loss process, and by boosting it, you can actually see a much quicker change. In this PhenQ review we will present to you  PhenQ – The best weight loss supplement designed to boost people’s metabolism; with a great mixture of natural ingredients, itcan help with the weight loss journey. 

Made from natural and botanic ingredients, this supplement is safe to consume for men and women. PhenQ works differently from other supplements on the market to suppress appetite, increase energy levels, and burn fat. 

A team of experts created PhenQ to be the best supplement for fat-burning properties on the market. This supplement is a product made from science with the help of fitness experts and nutritionists. 


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PhenQ Review: Brand Overview

Not being a traditional weight loss supplement, PhenQ focuses on different fronts. From suppressing appetite, increasing energy, burning fat, and most importantly, stopping the fat from re-forming, this plant-based supplement has been beneficial to customers. The team behind this product has conducted thorough research on the botanical extracts used, vitamins, minerals and afterward made the safest and purest outcome. 

Made without phentermine or other illegal ingredients that the FDA bans, this supplement can be life-changing by simply taking two capsules daily. It will provide an increase in mood and energy levels, burn more fat than usual, and appetite suppression. Made with a blend of multiple diet pills in a well-formulated manner, it comes with the benefits of all five ingredients in one capsule. 

The company behind this product is Wolfson Brands Limited, stationed in Glasgow, Scotland. They are a trustworthy brand that has been manufacturing supplements and providing customers with products for an extended period. We decided to review PhenQ because it gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic since people could lose fat without getting out of the house that much. 


Often referred to and advertised as five potent weight loss capsules in one, PhenQ is one of the best supplements for weight loss on the market. The company has helped more than 200,000 customers who have nothing but good things to say about the product. 

Wolfson Brands has an experienced team of nutritionists, fitness professionals, and medical consultants who are responsible for creating this product and also are ready to help the customers with each step for achieving their goal. 

PhenQ is a highly potent and robust fat burner with excellent results. It has capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and other ingredients in its mixture, but we will go deeper into the ingredients a little bit further in our PhenQ review. This supplement can help beat obesity and works as a metabolic booster to help lose body fat with prevention of any fatigue along the way. 

The company behind this supplement offers 100% authenticity and effectiveness for all the products in their arsenal so that the customers can achieve their ideal physics in no time. 


  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Safer choice than the synthetic alternative
  • Made by a reputable brand with a lot of years of experience
  • Significant results in a short period
  • Great for oxidizing fat
  • Great source of calcium
  • It can help with the increase of energy levels
  • Works as an appetite suppressor
  • No prescription needed
  • Voted number one fat burner by Men’s Journal


  • Not suitable for children or pregnant/nursing mothers 
  • Contains caffeine which sometimes can cause sleeping problems
  • The only available place for purchase is the official website

=> click here to visit the official website of PhenQ 

PhenQ Ingredients

Like any other great supplement, the specific ingredients must be named and advertised with absolute confidence. Made from all-natural ingredients, these diet pills can provide a superior option for ordinary people by containing a mixture of chemicals that work as a team for achieving faster weight loss. We are aware of the fact that PhenQ sounds like a dietary supplement that has phentermine because of the name, but it does not. The product that contains phentermine can only be required with a prescription; this supplement is made only from:

α-Lacys Reset

This is the star ingredient of PhenQ that provides far superior fat-burning properties than any other compound. Lacys Reset combines Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cysteine Base, and Magnesium. The process of losing weight sounds more simple than it is, which is basically burning more calories than you consume. 

The burning of calories happens by boosting the metabolism. This is actually what this ingredient does and accelerates the fat-burning operation. It targets the stubborn fat that usually sticks to the unwanted parts of the body, and that’s not all since the increase of metabolism is directly related to thermogenesis, which means that the body will also experience an increase in heat. When the human body generates more heat, it burns more calories. 

Capsimax Powder

It’s another ingredient that has a blend of other components like Capsicum, Piperine, Caffeine, and vitamin B3. Taking this powder in a reasonable proportion can be ideal for fat burning. Like the first ingredients, the Capsimax powder can turn the heat up on your body and help you burn more calories than usual. 

The thermogenic effect is achieved by the teamwork of Capsicum pepper and Piperine. The benefits of Capsicum are demonstrated, and many studies on it have proven that it can significantly burn stored fat. By speeding up the weight loss process, the appetite may also increase. This is where Caffeine and other appetite suppressants come into play. 

The content of vitamin B3 in the powder helps release adiponectin, which is a hormone covered by fat cells. The effects of B3 or Niacin can also be achieved by exercising. 

Piperine brings its thermogenic properties to raise the body heat and burn more fat by keeping the lean muscle mass. It also prevents the formation of new fat cells. 

Chromium Picolinate

This natural mineral can also be found in vegetables, meat, and whole grains. Its main job is to control the sugar levels in the blood effectively. Chromium Picolinate achieves that by limiting the carbohydrates and sugar cravings. 

Sugar can be good for energy, but without expending that energy and not moving the whole day, the sugar is absorbed in the body and stored as fat. Sugar cravings are tough to control since it is a very addictive compound. This ingredient allows the cells to take the optimum sugar from the food and eliminate the cravings afterward. 

This can help with losing a few pounds in a short period. People who have diabetes take Chromium Picolinate daily to regulate sugar levels in the blood. 


The most known ingredient, caffeine, can provide instant energy, focus improvement, and focus, which can benefit a weight loss supplement. Caffeine is also found in pre-workouts and energy drinks. It is also a hunger suppressant that increases thermogenesis and fat burn. Caffeine can remarkably improve your performance and get more out of your workout. 


Nopal cactus is an excellent source of amino acids that are essential for optimum energy during training. It helps with flushing fluids from the tissue and into the bloodstream, which can eventually lead to removing water retention from the body and weight loss. 

This ingredient contains a high level of fiber which is essential for feeling full and gaining control over hunger. In other words, Nopal is a great appetite suppressor. This compound brings several benefits for maintaining your health during the weight loss journey. 

Nepal has low-calorie content and can be implemented in the strategy for more effortless fat loss.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

If you are into fitness and supplements, you have probably heard about L-carnitine. This naturally occurring amino acid acts just like a fat burner. It can be found in dairy, vegetables, red meat, and nuts. L-carnitine is a protein that not only burns fat but also increases energy to prevent fatigue. 

This ingredient helps the carnitine acetyltransferase transfer the fatty acids in the burning front. The lack of L-carnitine in the body can slow down the metabolism and all and all the fat-burning process. Using PhenQ will provide your body with a dose from these amino acids and the health benefits they bring to the table. 

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a chemical substance that also brings many benefits to the bone structure. When this ingredient contacts the brain, it messages that the body is entirely full of fats, and the burning process should start. This will result in appetite suppression and avoiding any junk food while you are trying to lose weight. 


Last but not least, Piperine is a compound that comes from black pepper. We mentioned this ingredient in the Lacys Reset, but we will highlight its thermogenic properties. Piperine raises the body temperature and helps to burn more fat tissue. It has several beneficial properties like preventing the formation of new adipose cell tissue and regulating dyslipidemia which is a condition that can lead to obesity. 

How Does PhenQ Diet Pills Work?

PhenQ diet pills are not ordinary capsules that can only reduce appetite and nothing else. The ingredients found in this supplement created a revolutionary product that can shred fat and speed up the weight loss journey. The compounds like Alpha Lacys Reset in a mixture with the ingredients we mentioned in our previous section can boost your metabolism and increase thermogenesis. This means that PhenQ shines on the two most essential fronts important to the fat-burning process. 

Piperine is also found in PhenQ, which is a massive contributor to fat removal mechanisms. This ingredient prevents the fat from reappearing in the body and keeps the tissue where the fat is gone intact. This can put a sense of calmness amongst users if they are worried that they will just gain the fat after stopping with the pills.

The ingredients such as calcium, Nopal, and L-carnitine can reduce appetite and lower food cravings, resulting in much less snacking and avoiding junk food.

PhenQ is considered a revolutionary product for a reason. The ingredients found work great as a team and improve energy levels, so you can stick around on the treadmill longer than usual and feel satisfied afterward with a healthy portion of food. 


  • Fat Burning
  • Prevention of Fat-Building Mechanisms
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Energy Boost
  • Mood Enhancement 

Who Should Use PhenQ Fat Burning Pills?  

Before we go into details about the benefits, ingredients, usage, and other features of this supplement, we would like to start our article by explaining the targeted audience with this product and who should implement it in the daily routine.  

Sadly, PhenQ is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, if you are a minor, this supplement is a no-go for you because biochemistry is more vulnerable and easily disrupted than an adult. 

Made from a mixture of botanical and natural ingredients, this supplement tends to be safer than any synthetic chemicals. Made entirely from plants, this product is suitable for people adjusted to a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Unlike other pills and supplements, PhenQ can be taken simultaneously with other capsules like birth control pills without any harm or compromising the effects. 

This supplement can be very beneficial for individuals who:

Struggle to lose weight

PhenQ is a scientifically guaranteed excipient who can help people on their weight loss journey and lose stubborn fat by preventing any unwanted weight gain in the future. 

Hit a plateau on the weight loss process

People often hit a wall and are doing everything right, but the genetic potential has reached its limits, and doing something over the boundaries can take a toll on the overall health. Using this natural supplement can help with weight loss and the prevention of gaining it back. 

Vegans trying to lose weight

PhenQ is a plant-based supplement that is eligible for vegans. If you have chosen the vegan lifestyle and are looking for help while burning stubborn fat in all the wrong places on your body, this supplement is an excellent option for you. 

People who have an inactive lifestyle

This supplement can help people who do not work out and still lose fat and shrink down. Following a healthy diet and regularly taking this product can go long. 

Individuals who tend to eat more 

One of the main features of PhenQ is appetite suppression. If you are struggling with cravings for junk food, sugar, or any other thing that is unhealthy for your body, then using this supplement can provide a decrease in appetite. PhenQ has highly potent ingredients and would eliminate any snacking in between meals. 

Benefits of Using This Dietary Supplement

This state-of-the-art supplement provides several benefits, and they are:

Mood improvement 

As we mentioned previously, this supplement helps with boosting energy levels and mood improvement. This supplement allows the fat to be burned quicker than usual and not feel miserable by doing so. Fat is basically condensed energy, so working out can be helpful and give you a feeling of satisfaction afterward. 

Energy boosting

The mixture of ingredients found in PhenQ works excellent as an energy booster and will allow you to stick around in the gym more than usual by not feeling fatigued. Not all people like to work out, but almost everyone enjoys food, so when people go on a diet or workout regiment, they feel depressed, and their mood is negatively affected. PhenQ doesn’t just boost the metabolism but also supports the workout routine, resulting in high energy levels and mood improvement. 

Mental health benefits

Being overweight can bring your confidence down and be very stressful. PhenQ will alleviate some of that stress and make you feel productive since working on yourself is the most important, and being as fit and as healthy as possible is always a priority.

Appetite suppression

The makers of PhenQ have realized that the main reason that throws people off the wagon is unhealthy food. The excipients in this supplement reduce a customer’s appetite by using Nopal cactus fiber, L-carnitine, Piperine, so satiation is achieved before overeating. As a result of a smaller appetite, the overall calorie intake reduces, and thus, the weight starts immediately to come down. 

60-Day money-back guarantee 

If somehow you find yourself dissatisfied with this supplement, you can return it within 60 days and get a full refund. After two to four weeks, you should start seeing results, and 60 days is more than enough to figure out if this supplement is suitable for you. 

Phenq Side Effects: What Are Customers Saying?

We can’t emphasize enough that all the ingredients found in the mixture of PhenQ are natural and are generally considered safe. But, people are different, and everyone has a different metabolism, so there were some mild side effects from this supplement to customers like nausea, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, and upset stomach. 

Chromium Picolinate, one of the ingredients found in the supplement, can trigger allergies, something to keep a close watch on. 

Customers who have a low tolerance to caffeine have experienced some trouble sleeping after taking these pills for weight loss. This can be avoided by taking PhenQ early in the morning and not during the day. 

Who Should Avoid PhenQ Fat Burning Pills?

Sadly, this supplement is not eligible for everyone. If you are still a minor below 18 years old, this product is not for you. The biochemistry of a kid is more fragile than an adult’s, and since there is still growing and developing of the body happening, PhenQ is a no-go. 

This supplement is also unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers since the weight gain during that period is natural, and the ingredients found in PhenQ may affect the baby. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, it is always an excellent idea to consult your doctor before consuming PhenQ

User’s Guide Dosage and Tips: PhenQ Weight Loss Pills

The recommended dosage of PhenQ is two capsules a day, and because of the caffeine content, the ideal time for consummation would be one pill with breakfast and one with lunch. Don’t consume the supplement later than 3 pm if you want to avoid sleep issues. 

While consuming PhenQ, we recommend drinking plenty of water. Water helps the capsules work more efficiently and keeps you healthy. A bottle of PhenQ can last for a month, which is enough to see a difference in your physique. 

If you forget or skip a dose, don’t double up afterward. Doubling the dose is not a good option and won’t provide you with a faster result.

Where to Buy PhenQ Weight Loss Pills?

The only place where this supplement is available for purchase is the official website. The company behind it offers many deals, and if you follow them, you can save up to 10 dollars for a bottle. By buying two, you get one free which allows you to save up to 100 dollars. There is even a better deal – if you want to stock up on the supplement and purchase three bottles, you will get two bottles free and save about 200 dollars. 

On top of all this, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you find yourself dissatisfied with the supplement, the company will get you a full refund. 


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Conclusion: Most Effective Natural Appetite Suppressant To Lose Weight

One of the best and most well-reviewed weight loss supplements is PhenQ. That’s why we made this PhenQ review. 

Produced by a company that is approved worldwide for many high-quality products, this supplement has helped people on their weight loss journey without any harsh side effects. The results are long-lasting even after you stop with the pills, your body will stay intact.

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