Petal Talk

Flowers can say a lot about a bride.

A bride’s floral bouquet speaks volumes about her, but the blooms themselves have a language all their own. This “language” came into vogue in 19th century Europe and draws from ancient mythology, Asian lore, literature and pure imagination. Back then, books on the subject were all the rage, and every petal made a statement. 

“Most American brides aren’t aware of the meanings behind the flowers they choose,” says Brian Joyce of Flourish Floral Productions ( in Orlando. Joyce also is a member of Orlando Wedding’s Bridal Council. “It’s more about the emotion that’s attached to the flowers,” he says. “Brides choose flowers that remind them of loved ones, their romance with their fiancé, or childhood. Most of the language is connected to that emotional attachment.”   

Brides combine those flowery sentiments with unspoken statements of who they are—their bouquets can be soft and romantic, streamlined and contemporary or, as brides become increasingly more eco-conscious, how “green” they are. Current trends at local florists like Flourish, In Bloom Florist, Greenery Productions and Lee Forest Designs also show a greater demand for locally sourced and responsibly grown flowers, as well as bouquets that look more natural or garden picked. Structured designs, such as ball-shaped pomander bouquets for bridesmaids, and opulent accoutrements, including feathers and crystals, are also popular. But no matter how a bride’s style translates into her choices, the flowers can speak louder than words.

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