Pet Guide 2022: How to Adopt a Pet: Tips for Success

Adopting a dog or cat is a big decision. Here is a list of tips and vital things to consider.


Consider adopting from a shelter or rescue.

As Jodi Chase says, “Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die.”

While it’s tempting to buy that boutique dog or fluffy kitty, think of the love you can share with an animal that desperately needs a home. Animals that have been abandoned have often been through trauma and have suffered the loss of their family. Think of how good you’ll feel when you choose to save a needy animal from your neighborhood shelter or rescue.

Avoid stereotypes; Think outside the box and keep an open mind.

Many people come in with firm ideas about the desired color or breed. However, that isn’t always the best choice for your family or home.

“It’s challenging when someone has made up their mind that they want a specific breed or color animal,” says Jodi. “Right now, everybody wants a labradoodle, but a labradoodle is essentially a mutt. It’s a mixed breed dog, and they’re trendy right now. Golden Retrievers are wonderful, and so are poodles. Dogs are dogs.”
Sometimes, popular movies or television shows can influence what is popular.

“If there’s a popular movie, like when Disney made a movie about an orange cat, everybody wanted an orange cat.”

Kittens that are fluffy or the color orange go quickly, while tabby and black kittens and cats remain homeless.
Consider adopting that tabby or that black cat. You won’t be sorry.

Determine which dog or cat is best for your family.

Some important things to consider are your lifestyle and flexibility, how your loved ones will be impacted by the new pet, the animal’s size and activity level, and physical maintenance.

Money is an important consideration. Statistics show that the cost of owning a dog ranges between $1,500 to $9,900 a year.

Have you considered a cat? Cats are more challenging to place in homes. If you’re a cat lover, consider making a difference in a cat’s life.

The Bottom Line

It’s essential to keep an open mind and an open heart when adopting a pet.

“I would love it if people would think outside the box,” says Jodi. “Adopting an animal in need can be a gift, a reward. You’re helping to save a life.”

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