An addiction of mine is Japanese candy. I had a chance to live in Tokyo for a few consecutive summers after graduating from college and developed a taste for all things sweet and Japanese. Hi-Chews (especially the lychee-flavored ones) were a particular favorite. They tasted like the best Starburst you can imagine with a much finer, softer texture.

The gummies, any brand, any flavor, were equally amazing: succulent, soft drops with a delicately sweet fruit flavor—pretty much the antithesis of those tough chewy bears or worms that taste like wax. 

I bring this up is because Super Oriental Market, one of Orlando’s biggest Asian groceries in the Vietnamese district on Colonial Drive  (2100 E Colonial Drive, 407-898-6858) has a fabulous selection of Japanese candy. Hi-Chews? Check. Gummies? Plenty of them. Plus, a yummy nougat candy that’s “milk” flavored. It doesn’t sound great, but trust me, it’s fabulous. Look for the little rosy cheeked cartoon girl on the package: They are called Milky and they taste like crème brulee.


Most of the Asian stores in the area carry some Japanese candy, but this place has the largest selection by far. It’s pricier than what you can pick up from the Walgreen’s candy aisle, but most of it is much more interesting.