Nugenix Total T Review 2023


In preparation for this Nugenix Total T Review we came across a wide range of reviews online – some that raved about the product, and some that ranted about it. We thought we’d give it the benefit of the doubt and test it for ourselves.

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Our Nugenix Review

Testosterone is vital to our health, especially for men. It carries a lot of responsibility across multiple areas of health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. However, plenty of men don’t produce enough of it – a trend that is becoming ever more commonplace and apparent. This is where a good testosterone booster can come into play, inspiring your body to produce far more optimal levels of natural testosterone, using all-natural, safe ingredients.

But is Nugenix Total T a good testosterone booster? It inhabits a marketplace overcrowded with pretenders. It inhabits a marketplace that isn’t short on the real deal, testosterone boosters that really are excellent.

How does it stack up against all of these?

Quick Verdict

Nugenix Total T is a decent product. It should work well, especially in men with specific deficiencies. However, it could be better. At its price point, it should include a wider array of ingredients. In fact, it misses out some of the more common ingredients, ingredients I would expect to see in any testosterone boosters.

Though it will work, it cannot compete with the best of them. And the best of them don’t cost that much more. I would go elsewhere for a better formula, better results, and for better value for money by far.

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About Nugenix Total T

Nugenix Total T, by Adaptive Health, LLC, is designed to boost testosterone in men. This is incredibly important. As above, low testosterone can have some drastic effects on your health and wellbeing.

It can inhibit sexual function and reproductive ability. It can also lead to poor body composition as your body struggles to put on muscle and lose fat, as well as muscular weakness, fatigue, and overall poor athleticism. You may also find your mental health suffering. Low testosterone often results in low energy, low drive, brain fog, and increased stress and anxiety levels, alongside often clinical levels of depression.

You may struggle with any or all of these symptoms even if your testosterone levels are slightly on the low side.

Conversely, high testosterone levels, within a normal range, can lead to improved sexual function and reproductive ability, improved body composition, with less fat and more muscle mass, improved strength, endurance, and athleticism, more energy, with drive and clarity. It can diminish stress and anxiety and help you to overcome depression.

Anything that can help you to elevate your natural testosterone output is therefore potentially very profound. Even in those with average testosterone levels, a boost can represent a great leap in overall wellbeing.

And this is exactly what Nugenix Total T promises to do for you. Do note, it’s not an exogenous supply of testosterone, such as athletes and bodybuilders may take to enhance their performance. Rather, Total T’s formula is made up of several high quality, natural ingredients known to help your body to produce more naturally, yet well within its own healthy range.

I like testosterone boosters. I generally have one on the go and I’ve used a few different ones over the years (more on this below). There truly are some fantastic ones out there – it’s a marketplace crowded with goodness. Total T isn’t amongst my favorites. It doesn’t quite hold up against some of the other, similar products out there.

This being said, it’s still good. You should still see a good uptick in your body’s natural testosterone output after taking it for a few months.

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How Nugenix Total T Works

As above, Total T isn’t an exogenous source of testosterone. An exogenous source would literally be testosterone in quite a pure form that you would inject with a needle or rub into your torso as a gel. These are often good treatments for clinically low testosterone. They are also sometimes abused by athletes and bodybuilders.

They are not what we are talking about here.

Natural boosters like Total T are designed for people with normal, if low, natural testosterone output. They are even for those with average to high output who want to simply go to their natural limit. And they will only ever take you to your natural limit, well within safe bounds, with no associated side effects.

All they do is affect several pathways in your endocrine system (your hormone production) to optimize your body’s natural output. They inspire your body to create more testosterone, in short, with minimal yet noticeable effects.

There are plenty of good ingredients in Total T. Everything is scientifically justified; it is all clinically relevant. However, there are a couple of items left out and lots of the ingredients are underdosed, most notably zinc (high levels of which should be automatically included in any testosterone booster). There is 1 mg of zinc per dose, where really you should be taking more like 11 mg per day.

It doesn’t include vitamin D or magnesium, which is a massive oversight. Though I trialled Total T (see below), I was already loath to recommend it just on a cursory reading of the ingredients list. When I saw these two were missing, it was already kind of game over. Both are vital in the production of testosterone; deficiencies in both or either are often the underlying factor in low testosterone in the first place.

There is also no d-aspartic acid, another popular ingredient that you would generally expect to see in testosterone boosters at Total T’s price point. It’s an incredibly effective amino acid proven to help raise testosterone. Similarly, there is no ashwagandha. You can easily find ashwagandha as a solo supplement, but you shouldn’t really have to, especially when you’re forking out what you need to for Total T.

You will likely see an improvement in your natural testosterone output by using Total T, especially if you are deficient in any of the active vitamins and minerals. However, you will likely be able to find better results, elsewhere, for near enough the same money (or perhaps slightly more). You will also be able to find the same results elsewhere for a lot less money.

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This is where Nugenix Total T both rises and falls. It’s a shame, because the formula is promising. It includes some great ingredients. However, these are underdosed, and this meanness is overshadowed by some of the whopping absences from which the formula suffers.

I’ve already gone into what Nugenix Total T doesn’t include – namely, a workable amount of zinc, any magnesium, any vitamin D, any d-aspartic acid, or any ashwagandha. But what does it have?

Well, there are some good ones. Whatever efficacy and utility Nugenix Total T has (and it certainly has some) likely comes from its inclusion of boron and longjack. They have both been linked with higher testosterone output; they are known to help regulate your natural estradiol and testosterone production.

Boron is a trace mineral vital for metabolic health and testosterone output. Including it may both increase total testosterone levels whilst also helping to kick start your metabolism, which will often suffer under a testosterone deficit. It plays a key role in bone tissue growth and maintenance, wound healing, and the utilization of vitamin D (which would be great if there were any vitamin D to be found in this formula).

Boron has been shown to be able to increase free testosterone levels by nearly 25%, which is pretty good going. It can halve estradiol production, which tends to suppress testosterone production. You get 10mg of boron in Total T, which matches up with amounts used in successful clinical trials.

It’s a bit of a win for Nugenix Total T.

Meanwhile, longjack, or eurycoma longifolia extract, or Tongkat Ali, is a known aphrodisiac thought to improve markers of male fertility, including spermatogenesis (the generation of sperm). It has a long history of use in Southeast Asia, where it is considered a treatment for fevers, bacterial infections, and erectile dysfunction in various traditional medicine forms. It is also thought to improve natural testosterone output.

However, there are better ingredients out there. There are ingredients with far better scientific and clinical justification than longjack – ashwagandha springs to mind, here.

These are what Nugenix Total T gets most right.

There are only four other ingredients, which really does make it a lean formula for the money you spend.

The first of these is l-citrulline malate. It can aid production of nitric oxide within the body. In turn, this will lead to increased flow of blood, and thus improved nutrient delivery to the muscles. In this regard, it shows promise in treating erectile dysfunction. However, it’s far from the best amino acid for this kind of product. I would generally like to see d-aspartic acid or even l-theanine, which would both do a far better job.

However, l-citrulline malate is a lot cheaper… so of course it made the cut.

Nugenix Total T also includes fenugreek, which you often see included in testosterone boosters. It’s cheap, which I assume is why Nugenix Total T includes it, and it has been linked with increased testosterone production. I don’t like that it represents a sixth of the total formula – it isn’t good enough to carry this kind of responsibility – but it’s nevertheless a worthy inclusion.

Then there is vitamin B6. It’s a good inclusion, if a little lonely (there are other vitamins I would like to see in addition, most notably vitamin D, as above). It plays a key role in the utilization of natural testosterone and steroid content in your body. However, most of us have adequate vitamin B6 levels, and overdoing it won’t give you any benefits.

Finally, we have zinc. It’s an important inclusion as nearly half of all adult men are deficient in it and it is key to high testosterone output. It has been shown to boost serum testosterone levels in men who are zinc deficient. However, as above, it is entirely underdosed here, which is odd given how important it is. I would like to see at least six or seven times the amount of zinc included. It also won’t be much good for anybody with adequate zinc levels in their diet, again highlighting the limiting role of having such a short ingredients list.

The ingredients list isn’t that bad. However, it reads like it belongs to a much cheaper supplement. I would expect far, far more of something priced as Nugenix Total T is. And I can easily see the cost-cutting measures they’ve put in place to buffer their bottom line.

Does It Work?

Yes, Nugenix Total T can work very well. However, there are some pretty mighty caveats. If you search for Nugenix Total T reviews, you will find a mixed bag of results.

It should work quite profoundly in those suffering with zinc deficiencies. They should find their lives pretty much revolutionized by a testosterone booster like this – the zinc alone will go a long way. Or it would if there was a reasonable amount of it in there. It’s far from enough to plug a serious deficit, the kind that can deplete testosterone levels. And zinc supplementation has no benefits to those without a pre-existing deficit.

I don’t have a zinc deficiency. I do however have a natural, slight testosterone deficiency – or, more a sub-optimal natural output. Therefore, I like to use testosterone boosters a lot, often in conjunction with more formalized medicine.

I am, in short, a good case study for this kind of supplement.

Before taking Nugenix Total T, I was on TestoFuel. I’ve taken a few others, all at a similar level to TestoFuel, and found a few to be great. TestoFuel had my levels around 20 nmol, which is moderate to high. These crashed a bit on Nugenix Total T. After a short while, I was testing around the mid-teens – 13-14 testosterone levels. This is still a couple of points higher than my usual natural rate, but still isn’t great (especially considering I would still have been feeling the TestoFuel’s aftereffects.

This is all hardly surprising. If you’ve got a zinc deficiency and you have sub-optimal testosterone output, you can probably add a few points. And this isn’t to be sniffed at – you will feel the results quite profoundly, especially in terms of your mental wellbeing. However, it’s pretty useless for anyone else.

And then there is the dosing. How could it have done much when it is so underdosed? If I’d been taking three or four times the recommended amount, it may have done a lot better. But that would make it just about the most expensive testosterone booster I’ve ever come across.

So it works, mildly. It doesn’t, however, work well enough to earn its price point, nor does it work well enough to stand the slightest chance at competing with the rest of the market. I just cannot justify anyone purchasing it when there are so many better options out there. It is simply too weak – weakly dosed and spartan in its ingredients’ variety.

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As above, I’m a great fan of TestoPrime. There are other, comparably good products out there, but TestoPrime sets a good benchmark. I’ve used it myself to great effect. The results have been measurable, adding a good few points to my testosterone nmol, and tangible, giving me a good burst in general energy levels, greater athleticism, improved strength, and much improved mental wellbeing. I am calmer and energized on it, with greatly diminished stress and anxiety levels.

It also contains a laundry list of the kinds of ingredients that Nugenix Total T misses out on, including zinc (highly dosed), ginseng, fenugreek (as only one of many), magnesium (hurrah!), vitamin D (hurrah again!), vitamin B6, and vitamin K. I’m a little squeamish about using it as it contains oyster extract and I follow a vegetarian diet. However, when the benefits to your overall health and wellbeing are so profound, you sometimes just have to hold your nose.

It will do everything that Nugenix Total T promises and fails to do.


I want to like Nugenix Total T. In fact, I kind of do. It’s going in the right direction, it really is. And the ingredients it includes are generally well thought out. They have a firm basis in clinical good sense.

The gaps are just too hard to ignore. The underdosing is too much to get over. And the price point… this is where I start to dislike it. When I think what they charge for it, I begin to get angry. There is simply no way to justify the price.

It either needs to be cheaper or better. As it stands, there are far better options around the same price point and similarly potent options for much less. I fear that Nugenix Total T is not long for this market in its current form.

At least I hope that it isn’t. Something needs to change.

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