Nugenix Reviews: Does Testosterone Pills Work Effectively


At just 30, men may experience a drop in their testosterone levels. Testosterone is critical for men’s good health, especially for mood, sex drive, and energy. Declining testosterone may cause muscle mass loss, reduced sexual drive, and low energy.

You could help increase lowered testosterone by using supplements, working out, eating well, and speaking to your doctor about what to do.

Nugenix is an excellent choice because it is among the best testosterone boosters. The supplement is loved by men across the country and does not contain fillers, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives.

It’s the best natural testosterone booster we’ve seen this year, so let’s explore what makes this the best. Then, read on to discover Nugenix for yourself.

Who Should Use Nugenix?

Nugenix is safe for any man aged 18 and up who would like to increase their testosterone levels. The best method to determine if you are low on testosterone is to speak with your doctor and get a blood test done. You don’t have to have a prescription to purchase Nugenix.

For the average male, 670 ng/dL is the typical testosterone level. But, as men grow older, their levels may decline. As a result, those men with low T could experience below 300 ng/dL.

Suppose you’ve noticed symptoms such as loss of muscle, lessened energy, libido drop, irritability, etc. You may be dealing with low testosterone.

We cannot recommend that you self-diagnose or use Nugenix to fix this, as you should see your physician to remedy this matter.

However, we can confirm that Nugenix is an excellent method for men to feel like themselves naturally- it helps boost energy levels and sex drive and could help you pack on greater muscle mass.

The supplements are free of fillers or stimulants, and you get plenty of helpful vitamins and minerals in every dose.

Having a poor diet can also affect your testosterone. However, eating a healthy diet and regularly working out may help with testosterone levels.


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Brand Overview

Adaptive Health LLC is the parent company behind the Nugenix supplement. The company is a USA-based operation, and they make a variety of popular nutritional items. Every capsule is made using natural ingredients designed to increase testosterone production.

The capsules are made in clean, safe, FDA-approved facilities that follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure sanitary and safe for your consumption.

In addition, all the ingredients you’ll find in Nugenix are safe and scientifically backed. Plus, they use the right amount of each ingredient to ensure you get highly potent, quality pills.

The product is clearly labeled, and all ingredients are listed on the bottle so you can read about them and conduct your search.

Nugenix knows you are excited to get started feeling your best, so they offer expedited freight via USPS first-class mail and Canada Post. Your order could arrive anywhere from 1-5 business days, depending on where you are.

Shipping prices will also vary depending on your order dollar amount, and you may have to pay taxes depending on your state or province. You can track the order by ringing their customer care line.

The company provides a free trial as well. Then, if you are still waiting to see the results you want, you can cancel within 18 days. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for first-time buyers. After that, you can cancel the subscription to Nugenix at any time at no charge.

Alternative Brands Of Nugenix

  1. TestoPrime : Overall Best Testosterone Booster In The Market; Top Selling
  2. TestoMax : Natural Testosterone Booster For Muscle Gain
  3. TestoGen : Most Popular Supplement to Boost Testosterone

Pro & Cons


  • No prescription necessary
  • No filler ingredients or stimulants
  • Made in Good Manufacturing Practices plants
  • They ship via USPS First Class
  • Free shipment when you spend at least $49
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • You have to use it for 12 weeks to see the best results
  • Could pose an interaction risk with other medications you take


You’ll wonder why Nugenix is so effective, and you don’t have to think too hard about it. The ingredients are what make this formula the best we’ve ever seen.


Testofen is a proprietary fenugreek extract. A study was conducted to assess its effect on the libido of males in good health. This study was double-blind, placebo, and randomized. It tested men’s sexual function, libido levels, and performance.

The study leaders tested it on a group of 60 healthy males between the ages of 21 and 50 over a six-week trial. The astounding results demonstrated that Testofen offered profound positive changes when examining the participants’ libido.

The men experienced positive changes in arousal, sexual cognition, sexual pleasure, and better orgasms. Such results indicate that Testofen is effective for improving libido within healthy men.


Your athletic performance can improve with ElevATP. With this ingredient, you enjoy a quick-action ATP boost that could offer better athletic performance when you take your initial dose.

For example, one study of 18 adults in good health noted that ElevATP offered a 64% increase in blood levels for ATP compared to the placebo.

ATP is where the chemical energy is- it’s the phosphate our body needs for physiological and biological health, especially muscle contraction.

Upon nutrient consumption, our body produces ATP, which helps power us through our workouts. So, imagine what you can do by supplementing your ATP levels with the help of this ingredient.


Here we have Boron, which you might remember from the Periodic Table of the Elements. It isn’t 8th-grade science; this is the real deal! It’s a trace mineral with a plethora of benefits for guys.

It can help increase free testosterone levels, and it can help block excessive estrogen, provide more significant muscle and bone strength, offer mental clarity, provide focus, and help decrease inflammation.

Boron may also help decrease SHGB or the sex hormone-binding globulin. It’s excellent for testosterone because SHBG’s primary duty is to bind to sex hormones and render them inactive.

So, if you can reduce the SHBG within your blood, you can safely boost your T since you don’t have to worry about it binding to SHBG.

Instead, it will turn into free T, which you can use to increase muscle growth, development, and recovery. You are maximizing what testosterone can do.

Eurycoma longifolia Extract

This ancient extract may also be called Tongkat Ali and has earned the nickname “Asian Viagra.” It may boost your testosterone levels, offer better outcomes from your training regimen, and more.

One study suggested that supplementing with this extract and training each day was correlated with higher testosterone levels after six months, as compared to placebo, among men dealing with ADAM (Androgen Deficiency of Aging Males), which is a condition that can affect up to 12% of middle-aged guys around the world.

The men also improved VO2 Peak and heart rate, lessened waist circumference, lesser body fat, and sexual desire.

Vitamin B6

A necessary vitamin, B6 or pyridoxine, is essential for health. It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps you keep the brain and body protected from inflammation and stress. In addition, it helps create neurotransmitters, such as serotonin.

As a result, it can help protect you from conditions such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, and poor immune function.

Foods like boiled potatoes, canned chickpeas, salmon, chicken breast, and cooked/fresh tuna contain this vitamin. Nugenix can help you get enough of this vital vitamin.

Vitamin B12

Also known as cobalamin, this is a vital nutrient for men everywhere. Men often don’t get enough, and not having enough can leave you feeling sluggish, tired, and sometimes depressed.

Vitamin B is essential for processes such as:

  • Support of neurological processing
  • Battling infections
  • Keeping eyesight in good health
  • Keeping digestion healthy
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Creation of red blood cells
  • Creating/maintaining DNA

Men over 50 are especially at risk for a deficiency in Vitamin B12. The ability of our bodies to absorb this vitamin lessens.

Those who follow a vegan/vegetarian diet are also at risk for this deficiency. Other risks can lead to deficiency, so ensure you’re getting enough!


One essential nutrient for men is zinc, which provides many benefits for men. It offers better wound healing and supports healthy vision, skin, and bones. It is an antioxidant as well.

However, zinc does much more. It is a great way to support one’s testosterone levels. Low T means you can lose muscle mass, develop erectile dysfunction or have low libido.

You may feel fatigued as well. By getting enough testosterone, you can fight off these symptoms.

Next, you can rely on zinc to help with prostate health. BPH or enlarged prostate may lead to weak urinary streams, frequent urination, trouble urinating, or the sudden urge to go, which is bothersome to your daily routine.

Zinc is vital for good prostate health. It can help you reduce the risk of an enlarged prostate and may help lower your prostate size if you already have BPH, thanks to the anti-inflammatory characteristics of this mineral. Ergo, it is beneficial regardless of your prostate’s state.

Zinc is crucial if you are regularly working out and building muscle. Zinc helps with protein synthesis, which helps you create strong muscles, fix up muscular damage, create vital cells, and grow healthy skin.

Without adequate protein, you can feel tired and weak and may find it hard to recover from various injuries.

When we consume protein, our bodies break it down into amino acids and re-synthesize it into the necessary proteins our body needs. Zinc is integral to the process, so ensure you’re getting enough.

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is part of a trio of three critical amino acids within the urea cycle. Taking citrulline can boost plasma levels of the other amino acids, such as arginine and ornithine, which boosts your nitric oxide metabolism and helps recycle ammonia more efficiently.

Why does all this matter? For your athletic endeavors, you need to have adequate nitric oxide. Nitric oxide also matters in the case of erectile dysfunction. It is often good to have a supplement for this, as most foods do not have adequate amounts of this nutrient.

Watermelon is the exception to the rule, but not everyone likes watermelon or can get it year-round. Therefore, Nugenix is a great place to go.

By frequently supplementing with citrulline, you can lower blood pressure and help better your blood flow. Research is limited, but it suggests that supplementing with citrulline can fight fatigue, increase the power of one’s output, and offer greater endurance when participating in anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Citrulline works by increasing the arginine levels within the body. With arginine being our primary ingredient for synthesizing nitric oxide, taking citrulline can boost your nitric oxide manufacturing.

Higher amounts of nitric oxide may help improve your circulatory health, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle function.

How Does Nugenix Work?

Nugenix offers vitamins and nutrients designed to increase your testosterone. It may also help you increase your libido and pack on lean muscle.

90% of your testosterone is called “bonded testosterone” because it gets attached to the SHBG, as mentioned earlier.

The remainder is free testosterone, which grants men masculine characteristics such as facial hair and muscle tissue development.

Too little free T within the body means less libido, muscle, and reduced energy. Nugenix will help you increase free testosterone while lowering SHBG levels, granting you more free testosterone.

You’ll want to combine this supplement with a solid workout regimen. You can weight train, swim, do cardio, walk, or do any other activity that makes sense for your fitness level, age, and ability.

Just ensure you are regularly working out and challenging yourself. Working up a sweat is good for the mind and body alike.

Vitamin B12 and b6 are part of the mix, perfect for increasing energy and manufacturing new red blood cells.

Moreover, regular workouts help with muscle growth. The zinc in the formula is perfect for helping synthesize proteins and fostering lean muscle growth. Moreover, Nugenix helps you recover, so you feel less sore and ready to steadily take on more challenging workouts.

Most guys with low T also deal with erectile dysfunction and lowered libido. While such issues require a doctor’s care, the ingredients of Nugenix may help you, especially the Tongkat Ali and Boron.

Benefits of Using Nugenix

According to our research, Nugenix Capsules provide many health benefits. The testosterone-increasing formula has a great mixture of minerals and vitamins that greatly benefit your body and mind.

Here are a few of the significant advantages associated with using Nugenix capsules:

Increases Total Testosterone Level

Many guys experience a drop in testosterone when they are 30 years old. One of the significant side effects is a reduced sex drive.

In addition, as you may have discovered, a man’s confidence can be severely affected when you don’t meet the bedroom goals.

Nugenix does a great job of increasing testosterone, ensuring men maintain a high vitality level even beyond peak testosterone ages.

Improvement of Endurance and Performance

When your testosterone levels drop, so can your energy. Most often, this will affect the count of physical stuff you are capable of in the long run.

Most folks with reduced endurance and energy can’t do well when working out, working a manual labor job, or keeping up with their kids.

Nugenix capsules offer energy-boosting vitamins B12 and B6, which may help you enjoy greater energy levels (and give your co-workers, kids, and gym-goers a run for their money).

Lean Muscle Growth

Having lots of fat in one’s abdomen and chest indicates high body fat. Having too much body fat may lead to lessened confidence and lackluster bedroom performance and may also lead to heart disease or diabetes if it gets too out of hand.

Nugenix is not a magic pill that shreds your body fat with no effort on your part, but it can help you get results faster.

You’ll need to work out regularly, eat a healthy diet of whole foods, limit alcohol and sugar intake, and get enough rest.

Minerals such as zinc which are part of the formula, help protein synthesis and the absorption of nutrients, which is great for muscle development.

Regain Lost Confidence

Men with low testosterone may also have lessened motivation and lack confidence.

However, you can regain those items with Nugenix, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. You can see and feel the difference in vitality, well-being, and confidence.

It’s Safe

One beneficial aspect of Nugenix that men enjoy is that it is safe. Too many supplements out there have been touted as safe but then undergo a recall by the FDA or make people sick.

Thankfully, Nugenix is made using natural ingredients and is carefully blended to give you what you need- not too much or too little. The ingredients are legit, the star being the B vitamins that men may not get enough of in their diets.

Customer Reviews

You can find plenty of positive reviews for Nugenix and some negative ones. It is because so many guys have tried it, and there are plenty of opinions and reviews.

The bottom line? It’s easy to research and see both sides to make an informed choice.

We highly encourage you to check out the Nugenix website, where you can check out what men (and even their partners) had to say about the formula.

Side Effects

Nugenix capsules offer a range of health benefits, but there are a few side effects to be cautious about while using them. But the good news is that these side effects are mild.

You may not even experience them at all while using the formula. But, if the side effects are too severe, quit using the supplement and get help from your doctor immediately.

Stomach Aches

You may experience an upset stomach because they require you to take them on an empty stomach. The stomach upsets may also be due to the capsules’ ingredients.

Although natural, your body might only agree with some of them. Therefore, you can spread them out as the day continues.


You might encounter feelings of drowsiness or dizziness when first starting your dosage. Once the body adjusts to the supplement, such effects will no longer be a problem.

Do not continue using the supplement if these effects are too severe. Ensure you are getting adequate rest while using the supplement.


Nugenix Total T could also lead to mild headaches among users. You should drink plenty of water during the day and get plenty of rest between workouts. Should the headaches become intense, quit using the supplement and get help from your doctor.

Who Should Refrain from Nugenix?

By reading instructions specific to the manufacturer, a few groups of people should not partake in the Nugenix health supplement.

It is because they are made to meet the demands of men aged 18 and older. Also, the maker prevents specific demographics of people from using this supplement.

Below, you will find people who should not be using this supplement:

People under 18 Years Old

According to the Food and Drug Administration, minors who utilize testosterone booster supplements may risk developing depression, infertility, or cardiac complications. Before 18 years, the body is in its peak development stage.

Therefore, employing the use of supplements may affect one’s hormone production. People must regularly exercise, eat well, and let their bodies naturally grow if they are under 18.

Using Medications

You should not use Nugenix if you take any medication before speaking to your doctor. The supplement may affect your prescriptions and could be dangerous to your health.

Make an appointment with your doctor before taking any supplements, including Nugenix. Nugenix capsules have gelatin in them as well. You may require a vegan-friendly capsule if you prefer not to consume gelatin.


Women should avoid testosterone-boosting supplements designed for men because the side effects are rather harsh.

Some side effects you may experience are acne, hair growth, fluid retention, or mood swings. Women do require testosterone, but not at the level of men. Testosterone for women can affect sexual drive, fertility, and red blood cell creation.

On that note, persons assigned female at birth who wish to transition to male should not rely on Nugenix or similar supplements to increase hormones. Instead, speak to your physician regarding what to do to begin living as your preferred sex.

Dosage and Tips to Start

Every Nugenix bottle is filled with 90 capsules. You will take three of these on an empty stomach before eating breakfast or having coffee.

One single bottle will cover you for the entire month. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and watch the side effects.

Remember, these are meant to be dietary supplements. You still have to eat healthily for the best outcomes. Moreover, the manufacturer suggests incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine, so you get the best results.

Taking three pills at once while your stomach is empty may cause discomfort for some folks. So, if you experience an upset stomach, you should spread the capsules early in your day.

It could take at least three weeks before you notice profound changes. However, by the time you reach the fourth week, you will likely see an improvement in your sexual drive and overall vitality.

Once you hit weeks six to twelve, you will notice an increase in your testosterone, and you’ll likely have developed more muscle if you’re working out and eating right. You’ll also notice more significant increases in your energy and endurance.

Where to Buy Nugenix Total & Guarantees?

You can purchase Nugenix using the official company website. You may also purchase the supplement at popular retailers such as Walgreens, GNC, and Walmart.

However, we recommend using the official website because you can get severe discounts and fast delivery between 1-5 business days.

Feel free to visit the website and get your free sample and two-week supply. Then, if you need to get the desired outcomes, you can cancel the subscription before you hit that 18th day at no charge.

Do not purchase Nugenix pills anywhere except trusted significant retailers and the official website.

You have likely heard that supplements are often counterfeited, and fake labels are easier to make than you think. Such fakes may contain harmful, cheap ingredients and could make you sick.

Nugenix provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are still waiting for the results you want, speak to their customer care team for a refund. Shipping and processing fees will have to be covered by you, the buyer.


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Conclusion: Nugenix! Testosterone Booster For Men

There is no need to deal with low testosterone in silence. You have options, and you are not alone out there. You have your pick of several testosterone boosters, but only a few can measure up as well as Nugenix.

Nugenix is a natural supplement made with men in mind. Each ingredient has its role, with all ingredients working in synergy to help bring you the results you want.

The pros are numerous, and the cons are few. You are protected with a money-back guarantee as well. Now is the time to try out Nugenix and see what it can do for you.

The benefits are waiting, so don’t delay. Instead, go forth and order some now!

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