Nail Your Curb Appeal: Mediterranean Style

8 characteristics of Mediterranean style curb appeal.

Whether you call it Mediterranean, Spanish or Spanish Colonial, there’s no mistaking this home style. With its stucco walls, arches and often a red-tile roof, there’s nothing else quite like it. Learn how to help your Mediterranean-style home look its most appealing with these tips for paint colors, landscaping and more.


Warm, earthy hues. When choosing paint colors for your Mediterranean-style home, white is a can’t-miss option, but it’s not the only one. Look to the natural colors of the Mediterranean for inspiration. Think of pale sands, olive and cypress trees and the vibrant painted tiles the region is known for. On the home shown here, a warm sandy beige is used on the stucco, with a mossy green on the shutters. Both are complemented by the brick path that leads the way to the door.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. A warmer, richer color can work beautifully on a stucco home. The key is to be sure the hue has a bit of a “muddy,” natural undertone, like the red rock of a mesa.

Ryan Street & Associates, original photo on Houzz

Low-water landscaping. Mediterranean-style homes are especially suited to landscapes featuring waterwise plants such as agave, succulents, lavender, rosemary and olive trees, as well as plants native to your local region. Complement the plantings with structured hardscaping — brick or stonework and well-placed rocks make wonderful accents.

James Glover Residential & Interior Design, original photo on Houzz

Stairways and paths. When it comes to steps and walkways, consider curved and rounded forms. Tile, stone and brick all work well with a Mediterranean-style home. Help a path settle into the landscape by lining it with plants.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction, original photo on Houzz

Windows, doors and details. Mediterranean architecture gets much of its charm from the details: the curve of a window or doorway, ironwork, rustic wall sconces, hefty wooden doors and hand-painted tile. Enhancing or upgrading a few of these details can really make your home sing.

Modern Mediterranean. Newer Mediterranean-style homes may follow a slightly different aesthetic with fewer arches and more rectilinear forms. Consider adding a wall sculpture, fountain or urns to the front of your home to enhance the Mediterranean feel, or to add interest if your home doesn’t include many architectural flourishes.

Horizon Landscape & Design, original photo on Houzz

Privacy fencing. If your home is set back from the street, you may want to include a fence and gate for additional privacy. But if you do, remember that the gate must be able to stand in for the facade when it comes to curb appeal. A matching stucco wall is a wonderful way to create a sense of connection. A wrought iron gate provides a glimpse of the home beyond, so the overall effect is inviting rather than forbidding.

Low wall with gate. If privacy isn’t a concern but you’d still like to include a gate, consider a low stucco wall fitted with a hefty wooden gate similar in style to your front door. Echoing the style and color of your home in the wall and gate is a wonderful way to draw the eye in.

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