Moving in Orlando? Here’s What You Should Know

These tips will help you standout in a competitive market!


Orlando ranks among America’s hottest real estate markets, with the average home price up nearly 8 percent over the last year. With increasing demand and a low supply of homes available, there’s strong competition among buyers.

Even in a booming market, there’s a level of uncertainty with financing, inspection and appraisal contingencies that could get in the way. But buying a new home shouldn’t be stressful; it should be exciting. Are you thinking about moving sometime soon? Here’s what you need to know about working with Opendoor, the leading digital real estate platform, to make buying and selling a home a more simple, certain, and fast experience.

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Home buyers: stand out among the competition

Opendoor data shows how technology can enable people early on in the home buying process, with 37 percent digitally browsing homes to buy and 40 percent tapping into tools to understand what they can afford.

But no matter how prepared, house hunting in a hot real estate market like Orlando can feel daunting. But it’s possible to stand out and strengthen your offer once you find your dream home.

With an Opendoor-backed offer, buyers can present the certainty of an all-cash offer to a seller—free of financing, appraisal, and home sale contingencies, even if you need a home loan. Buyers who made offers with Opendoor’s program already have a higher acceptance rate than offers made without cash backing.

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Home sellers: get a competitive offer on your home in minutes

Kristen Reilly needed to sell her family’s home in Orlando for an upgrade as she and her husband needed more space for their growing family. “Having young children, two dogs, and a busy life, the Opendoor experience was priceless when it came to a seamless and easy move,” she says.

Opendoor has streamlined the home selling process into just a few clicks online—an increasing preference of many sellers. In fact, the company found 71 percent of sellers said they would consider selling their home to a digital real estate platform like Opendoor.

Whether looking to upgrade a home, downsize, or even change neighborhoods, many sellers in Orlando are also looking to buy their next home nearby. By selling to Opendoor, local homeowners can reduce the risk of missing out on the next home of their dreams. They have the opportunity to choose their closing date, in as few as 14 days and up to 90 days—and flexibility to change the date if they need to line up closing dates with their next home. Need to stay in your home longer than expected? Opendoor also offers Late Checkout to give sellers more time.

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“Opendoor allowed us to choose the closing date, not have to worry about repairs, showings, and cleanings and have a totally hassle-free process—even down to using a mobile notary. When it came to closing, the only surprise we experienced was getting more equity in the home we were selling,” Kristen beams. “We saved $10-15K needed on repairs to our old home by going with Opendoor, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Opendoor is the future of real estate.”

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