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With a multitude fine dining and late night activities, Miami, Florida may not be a first choice for seeking relaxing solitude, state of the art spa, and fitness amenities. At Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, guests are treated to gorgeous scenery, an array of activities, diverse spa offerings, impeccable food and beverages all centered around the concept of “wellness your way.”

In our two night stay at the Carillon, we found a fine balance of luxe and wellness everywhere we looked.


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The Carillon Wellness Resort boasts 150 one-bedroom and two-bedroom luxury apartments in their central tower, in addition to residences in the two outer towers. Guests can enjoy all the amenities of the resort, with luxe apartments featuring living room, fully stocked kitchens, gorgeous full baths.


At Carillon, one will never be bored. The resort boasts 4 pools, world-class fitness facilities, with over 120 classes per week. For more casual activities, the boardwalk stretches all the way to south beach, making it perfect for a run, beachside cycling, and romantic strolls.


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The Carillon dining team offers a wide range of mediterranean fare that suits anyone’s diet. Living by the mantra “wellness your way,” the culinary team strives to ensure all guests have something delicious to enjoy. We particularly enjoyed in suite dining for breakfast and a pasta demonstration seaside by the resort’s head chef.


The resort’s spa is truly world class, outfitted with many cozy delights for lounging, relaxing, and melting stress away. They have many traditional treatments, including facials and massages, and non-traditional treatments including Turkish style body scrubs, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, light therapies and more. The rooftop spa pool and jacuzzi is also quite serene and gives great views to Miami’s legendary sunrises and sunsets.

Beyond the resort

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Should one want to leave their perfect cocoon of tranquility, the Carillon’s staff and excellent concierge are happy to offer suggestions and make reservations. They also give great shopping recommendations tailored to guests’ specific needs.

It’s clear that the entire Carillon team strives to make each guest feel pampered and special. Their precise attention to detail and willingness to indulge every inquiry made it bittersweet to venture back into everyday life.

Bringing Luxury Home

The current crisis we all face as we tackle this pandemic has made me nostalgic for our lovely visit to Carillon Wellness Resort and the city of Miami. As we shelter in place to our homes, and worry about what comes next, there are some charming little nuances we picked up from the Carillon team to make our living spaces feel a bit more luxe during these unprecedented times.

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Kimberly Jefcoat

Fresh flowers and plants. The grounds and interior of the Carillon were filled with gorgeous succulents, stunningly simple arrangements and pops of color everywhere we looked. Having something pretty and fresh to look at can certainly make the long hours at home more bearable.

Spa robes. A plush, cushy robe blanketed us everywhere we went at Carillon. Infused with fresh scents from the spa, it was usually the first thing we put on at the beginning of the day and we couldn’t wait to get back in it for maximum relaxation.

High end towels and linens. Having access to luxurious towels and crisp, pristine bed linens makes any routine more decadent.

Beverages. Every phase of the day gave us access to lovely little treasures. Delicious coffee, afternoon tea, a “spa beverage” of ginger and pineapple juice, wine, craft cocktails—the Carillon team made sure we always had access to something lovely and refreshing presented in lovely glassware. Now’s the time to pull out your antique tea set or family heirlooms and put them to good use.

Little treats. A cool towel to refresh our faces, chocolates on pillows, water left on bedside tables, relish in the little things we can do to pamper ourselves and make these long days pass by with a little more elegance.

Spa products. This is the time to pick up your favorite lotion, face mask, hair product, massage oil to amp up your self pampering. Draw yourself a bubble bath, turn on a little music, enjoy it until your hands get wrinkly.

Candles. Lightly scented, soft warm candlelight can help ease stress and make long periods of time at home more enjoyable. Many of us have a stash stockpiled somewhere; now’s the time to pull them out and spoil yourself.

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