Memorable Moments-Drs. Nagasubramanian, Cotter and Iobst

We asked several doctors who appear on the Best and Top Doctors lists to share a memorable day or experience in their medical careers.

Dr. Ramamoorthy Nagasubramanian
Division Chief, Hematology & Oncology, Nemours Children’s Hospital 
When I care for children with cancer, I always consider the family as vital to the care team.  They are far more than strong advocates and just as important as the doctors and nurses. This value was driven home even further when I worked with the family of a boy who was experiencing frequent infections related to a catheter implanted in his chest to administer chemotherapy. The boy’s father really wanted to understand the causes and available prevention efforts. It turned out he was a biomedical engineer and our conversation triggered a great idea. He developed a prototype of a device that would self-sterilize using a UV light embedded in the catheter.  That prototype now has a patent and I have a great honor.  He used my nickname, “Naga” in the prototype name: “Naga-ZIV.”

Dr. Cheryl Cotter
Pediatric Otolaryngologist, Children’s Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy
Over the years, members of my family have performed in local productions of The Nutcracker, in the party scene or other roles. A few years ago, my husband and I happened to be attending a performance as audience members when we heard someone yell out a few rows in front of us, “Is there a doctor in the house?’’ I made my way down the aisle to help a gentleman who appeared to be having a heart attack. With the assistance of an AED device, and CPR performed by myself, another physician and a paramedic, we were able to stabilize the man before he was taken to the hospital. He ultimately recovered and enjoyed Christmas with his family.  There is no greater gift for the holidays than helping save a life and seeing a family’s tears of fear turn into tears of joy.  I will never forget that night and how blessed I felt. 

Dr. Christopher Iobst
Director of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Center, Nemours Children’s Hospital 
In the process of lengthening or reconstructing a child’s limb, I get to know families quite well, as the entire process can often take up to a year to complete. During this journey, we develop a bond as we watch the transformation and celebrate as the child learns to walk normally. When the surgeries and rehabilitation are finished, however, we often lose touch. Sometimes I reconnect at a surprising moment. I was doing my rounds when I heard someone yell, “Hey! I want to introduce you guys to the doctor who fixed my legs!” The guy yelling was a former patient whom I had not seen in several years. He grew up to play college football and was at the hospital with his team to cheer up patients. He managed to brighten my day as well.

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