Martin Miller's Gin

On February 29th, enjoy Martin Miller's custom cocktails while watching this spirited cocktail competition with some of the area's top mixologists.

On Monday, February 29th at The Woods, Orlando’s bespoke cocktail bar, Martin Miller’s Gin will host a spirited cocktail competition with some of the area’s top mixologists competing in heats for a statewide prize of an all expenses paid trip to Iceland to see where the magic of Martin Miller’s Gin happens. Charged with creating imaginative elixirs inspired by the spirit of romance and adventure, this talented bunch will be whipping up twists on classics and revolutionary new libations for a panel of guest judges.

Come out and enjoy Martin Miller’s Gin custom cocktails, smartly priced at $5, and watch the competition on Monday beginning at 7 PM!

Depressed with the quality of the average ‘G&T’ available at the time, Martin Miller and his two friends set out to create the best gin possible, which ultimately pioneered gin’s renaissance and revived the moribund drinks category. Launched in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin has received more awards than any other gin. It’s handcrafted to the core, and is carried out in a two-part distillation.

The citrus elements are isolated from the earthier botanicals, giving the gin fresher, cleaner aromatics. The raw spirit is then transported to Iceland for blending with glacial spring water – the world’s purest. The water captures the volatile elements and the burn, to create a soft, clean finish than can be enjoyed neat. To this day, Martin Miller’s is the only gin to source pure, Icelandic spring water.

What: Martin Miller’s Gin Orlando Cocktail Competition

Where: The Woods, 49 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL

When: Monday, February 29th at 7 PM

Categories: Events, Food & Dining