Kid You Not

Being a preacher’s kid and other ruminations.

I’m feeling pretty special right now. 

Because as I edited this month’s story on David Uth, I realized that I have something in common with the pastor of First Baptist Church of Orlando, as well as luminaries like Steve Spurrier, Tori Amos, Katy Perry and Denzel Washington.

We’re all PKs—preacher’s kids.

Like Uth’s father, mine was a Southern Baptist minister. And I remember that when we would move to a new town (my dad pastored five churches in my youth), some of my classmates would give one another knowing looks and say, “He’s a preacher’s kid.’’

All you need to know about that is this little ditty from Wikipedia (which actually has a “preacher’s kid’’ entry):  “There are two different stereotypes of the preacher’s kid—in one, they are perfectly angelic role models, in the other they are rebels at the opposite extreme.’’

I’d say the latter stereotype is the most common. I probably fell somewhere between the two. I dutifully played Joseph in several Christmas plays at church and led a Wednesday night prayer service during Youth Week. I also got called out by my dad from the pulpit when I was 10 for laughing and talking in the pews. Well, what he actually said was “If everybody is ready to pay attention, I’ll start my sermon.’’ Scarred me for life, of course. 

As for my other experiences growing up a PK, well, I could write a book. For now, though, I’ll stick to editing stories like the profile of Uth, a PK who became a preacher. It’s a fascinating read, as Mark I. Pinsky explores how the minister and his church have embraced a multicultural approach, with Uth also taking a leading role among clergy in immigration reform efforts. 

Elsewhere in this issue, check out Roger Moore’s look at how UCF professor Pat Rushin’s short story has risen to the big screen as The Zero Theorem, with Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame directing. Answer Man gets the scoop behind the legendary rockets and flying saucer that adorn Skycraft Parts and Surplus. And Nancy Moreland explores a getaway that’s not far away at all—DeLand. Plus the latest on fall fashion and a bonus section offering a sneak peek of our newest publication, Orlando Home+Garden.

We at the magazine are saddened by the passing of freelance writer Denise Bates Enos. Denise wrote many years for this publication and others in the area, and she was the go-to writer for Orlando Home+Garden. Her writing was lively, informative and accurate across the board, but she especially shone in the areas of home decorating, health and beauty. She was a great reporter, writer and friend, and she will be missed.

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