Kid Kontributor of the Month – September 2018

Read all about why Leah's cat, Missy, is special, and learn all about our monthly feature, the "Kid Kontributor of the Month."











The "Kid Kontributor of the Month" will spotlight one writer and their feature article on a  specific topic each month. In honor of our September Pet Issue, Leah shares all about her beloved cat, Missy.

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All About My Pet

By Leah N.


Pets are very helpful all around the world. They help people when they are sad and entertain them when they are bored. In my house I have a cat and she is the best!


All About Missy

My pet is a cat, and her name is Missy. My cat Missy is 16 years old but she acts like a kitten! Missy is black, and white, and kind of looks like a racoon. We have had Missy for a very long time, even before I was born! Missy has soft pink paws, and a tail that sways and swings whenever she walks. She has thin, long whiskers, and big, green eyes. Missy loves to lay on people and LOVES to be petted and she purrs a whole lot. ‚Äč


Dinner Time!

Missy loves to eat! One of her favorite foods is chicken. She also likes turkey cheese and ham, but usually eats cat food. Missy drinks a lot of water, but she does not drink from a bowl! She drinks from the sink! Missy jumps onto the counter and drinks from the faucet! Missy enjoys drinking lots of milk everyday.


Play Time for Missy!

Even though she is old, Missy is very energetic! Missy will play with cat toys, paper bags, and even a pencil! She goes WILD over catnip, and it is super fun to watch. Sometimes, she gets so hyper, that she will run around the whole house! Also, if you put some black olives in front of her, she will act like it is catnip, and go crazy! Missy plays a lot of different ways, and she has a whole lot of fun while doing it!


Missy's Special Facts

Missy is a cat like no other, and has special facts that are cool, and unique. Missy is an outside and inside cat, which means she can stay inside or stay outside for any period of time. Missy is out only cat, and before I was born, my sister found her on the streets, and then gave her to my mom and my grandmother, and then we kept her. When Missy was 3, she had 4 kittens. We called her "Mama", and still do, because of how good of a mother she was to her four kittens. Missy is an AMAZING cat and has many unique facts and traits. Missy will always be a part of our family. Special pets from all over the world should be treated well and appreciated!



Photo courtesy of Leah N.

Leah is a proud Aunt to her niece, Harmony.  She loves to sing and roller skate. She also loves to attend Karate classes, and go to school.  Leah also enjoys playing with her cat, Missy, and playing games on the computer.  Her favorite food is her Mom's spaghetti and she wants to be an artist and a writer when she grows up.

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