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The "Kid Kontributor of the Month" will spotlight one writer and their feature article on a  specific topic each month. In honor of our Food Adventures 2 Issue, Nikhilan shares all about his favorite dish, Dosa.

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My Favorite Dish

By Nikhilan K.


My favorite dish is an Indian food called “Dosa.”  It is like a crunchy pancake and it is very popular in South India. It’s very nice and crunchy. You don’t need to buy the batter. You can make it from scratch. You just need to mix rice and black lentils and add water, blend it and you have the batter. Dosa is very healthy and has protein, rich carbs and no bad fat. There are many types of Dosa. Some examples would be: Rava Dosa, Masala Dosa and Adai. My favorite type of Dosa is Adai.


Dosa looks like the one below



Photo courtesy of Nikhilan k.

Dosa can be eaten with these sides, Chutney, Potato Masala and Sambar. Chutney is a sauce, could be a spicy coconut dip. Potato Masala is made with yellow potatoes, onions, chilies and a blend of spices. Sambar is a lentil-based vegetable soup. I love all these sides or sauces.


In India, this is very popular and served for Breakfast or Dinner. When I visited India, I did eat Dosa in a Banana Leaf plate, like in the picture. I felt it was strange, but healthy. Dosa is very tasty and I enjoy eating it any time.


Nikhilan is a lovable kid. He enjoys time with family, especially his twin brother Neelan with down syndrome. He loves to read books and do arts and crafts. He likes to eat healthy food at home and loves all of mommy’s dishes. He wants to be a doctor-scientist when he grows up to help kids like Neelan.

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