Kid Kontributor of the Month – January 2019

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The "Kid Kontributor of the Month" will spotlight one writer and their feature article on a  specific topic each month. To kick off the new year, Joyce shares what she's looking forward to the most in 2019.

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I Will Be A Big Sister This Year!

By Joyce B.


This year, I am most looking forward to being a big sister. My baby brother or maybe sister will be born and I can't wait!


My mom and dad do not want to know if it is going to be a boy or a girl. I want to have a little brother but I will love my sister too. My pappy thinks it will be a girll and my mamma too. We will find out soon when we have a baby party. They are so special, they already have a party and they are not even here yet! I get to cut into a cake and if the inside is blue the baby will be a boy and if the inside is pink, it's a girl. We will have vanilla and chocolate ice cream. I wanted to have strawberry but since it is pink, we don't want to confuse anyone. ‚Äč



Me, mom and mamma made a welcome home poster for when the baby comes. I love to makes lots of cool art projects in my mom's craft room. I made the baby a card too and I am excited to read it to them when they get here!



Pappy told me that being a big sister means I have to be a good role model. That means I will show my baby brother or sister how to be nice to everyone, share toys, say please and thank you and excuse me and give really good hugs. I will show them how to make great art projects in mom's craft room and how to hoola hoop. We will be best friends and I will love them forever!


Joyce is a writer, dancer, and artist. She would like to have her art at the Orlando Museum of Art one day. She likes books, tacos, sidewalk chalk and collects stickers.

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