Kid Kontributor of the Month: Andrew L.

Read all about Andrew's favorite restaurant, Fresco's, as he walks you through his favorites on the menu!
My favorite place to eat in Orlando is without a doubt in my mind, Fresco Cucina Italiana!  Every time I hear that we are going to Fresco’s, my eyes light up and I feel extremely excited because I know that I am about to eat an amazing and stomach-satisfying meal.  You are probably wondering what makes this place so good, so, please allow me to tell you.
Fresco’s is a family restaurant that will make you feel at home.  The service is very attentive, kind and welcoming, which helps create that home-like element that makes going to a place like this so comforting.
Now on to the food!  Fresco’s has an abundance of amazing menu items that are appealing to most everyone!  There are so many great things that it is almost impossible to decide which items you would like to order—which is a good problem to have! To start off your meal, they’ll bring you some fresh-baked bread and olive oil for your enjoyment.  Make sure to keep ordering more because the bread is just great!  For an appetizer, I absolutely love the Caprese Salad.  If you love cheese, this is the appetizer for you!  And don’t worry, there’s a lot of it.  Make sure to get extra balsamic glaze because that stuff is great, too.  I like to add grated parmesan cheese to my oil and vinegar, as well.
As for entrées, there are so many options.  I could get the Margherita pizza which is one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted.  I could also get the children’s Fettuccine Alfredo if I’m already a bit full from all the bread and cheese.  But don’t worry, you will be full no matter what you order because the portions at Fresco Cucina Italiana are absolutely humongous!  My dad and I have both said that the Fettuccine Alfredo is probably the best we’ve ever tasted.
Although those first two entrees are fantastic, my favorite entrée in Orlando is Fresco’s Chicken Parmesan.  It’s big enough to feed multiple people but I make sure my dad doesn’t take too much!  Believe me, that’s how good the food at Fresco’s is. I could literally drink the marinara sauce that tops the chicken and pasta if it was socially acceptable (to be honest, I did drink it once)!  The melted mozzarella cheese covering the dish is just amazing.  The pasta is delicious.  Did I even mention that they have a gazillion kinds of pasta?
Even though I’m not a big cheesecake kind of kid, the one time I had it, I really enjoyed it, and my dad adores it.
So, in conclusion, if you really want to have a nice family meal, I recommend Fresco’s.  If you are celebrating a birthday, I recommend Fresco’s.  If you want to have a huge family get-together for a holiday, I recommend Fresco’s.  If someone asked you to tell them where to go eat dinner, I’ll tell them Fresco’s.  I just love Fresco’s!
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