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Kerassentials toenail fungus oil reviews read my latest reports, complaints and side effects before you try. Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common infection that causes crumbly, ragged, brittle, or thickened nails. The early signs include a yellow-brown or white spot under the tip of your toenail, which gradually spreads and causes the nails to discolor and thicken around the edges. While the condition may be mild initially, if left untreated, it can become painful and produce a foul smell. This can be embarrassing.

As the nails become brittle, they tend to break easily and even look unsightly. Toenail fungus also causes severe itching. Therefore, it is important to get proper treatment. In most cases, doctors recommend a topic antifungal cream or a prescription pill. Dietary changes and taking care of your nails can also be effective in getting rid of toenail fungus.

Kerassentials is one product that claims to provide effective relief from fungal infections, helping promote healthy nails and skin. But do they deliver what they promise? In this comprehensive Kerassentials reviews, we will understand how this Kerassentials herbal formulation works and whether is it effective against fungal infections.

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What is Kerassentials?

Kerassentials is a promising approach to help relieve fungal infections of the toenails. It is a natural formulation that helps kill the fungus from its roots, preventing foul smell and itching. A potent combination of natural oils and minerals, it also helps promote healthy nails and skin.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fungal infections bounce back either because people do not complete the treatment regime or the treatment is ineffective in killing the fungus entirely. As a result, the fungus gets mutated and becomes stronger the next time. Consistent use of anti-fungal medicines and creams may also result in antifungal resistance. This makes fungal infections more frequent.

Kerassentials is a new scientific discovery that claims to work by completely killing the fungus and suppressing its ability to breed. It keeps the affected area clean and dry, free from moisture. This prevents the fungal infection from spreading further. Its potent formulation ensures no new microbes can enter the infected area, thus, preventing the infection from aggravating.

Key Ingredients of Kerassentials 

The proprietary formula of Kerassentials oil comprises four high-quality essential oils, and a powerful combination of nine oils & minerals. Here is a comprehensive list of ingredients and their potential benefits:

  • Clove Bud 

Clove bud is known to have excellent antibacterial properties and offers potential antiseptic benefits. Kerassentials contain clove bud, which promotes healing of toenail fungal infection, further strengthening the nails and the skin around them. The ingredient helps fight against free radicals, preventing skin damage. It can also help reduce the inflammation of the skin, which happens due to the fungal infection.

  • Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil has effective antifungal properties that prevent the fungus from growing further. It is long proven to be safe and effective for its healing benefits.

  • Lavender Oil 

This is another key ingredient of Kerassentials that helps fight against infections, especially those caused by a fungus such as a toenail fungus. Its anti-fungal properties are potentially effective against strong fungi, eliminating them from the root and preventing further risks of infection. Lavender also helps protect nail keratin, supporting healthy nails and skin.

  • Almond Oil 

Kerassentials contain almond oil that helps prevent fungus growth in the affected area, thus, protecting against infections. It is also known to be effective in promoting healthy nails.

  • Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera extracts have long been used in skincare. It hydrates and soothes the skin. But at the same time, it has strong antifungal properties that make it potentially effective against toenail fungal infections.

  • Lemongrass Oil 

Lemongrass is an efficient antifungal, which makes it an integral ingredient of Kerassentials. It can help alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, itching and redness, and prevents the infection from reoccurring again.

  • Organic Flax Seeds

The infected nails usually become weak and easily chip off, giving a brittle look. This can be addressed by using Kerassentials, which contain organic flax seeds. Flax seeds have essential hydrating properties that help moisturize the tip and roots of the nails. This help prevents brittleness, while also ensuring faster re-growth.

In addition to the above natural oils, Kerassentials also contains key ingredients like DL-alpha-tocopherol, undecylenic acid, and isopropyl palmitate. The latter targets the root of the fungus and hence, it is effective in potentially healing toenail fungal infection. It also helps clear the infected skin and supports healthy nails.

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How Does Kerassentials Work? 

Fungal infections, such as toenail fungus, have become a common health problem today – increasing pollution and lack of hygiene being the primary reasons. Over-the-counter medicines and antifungal ointments are seldom helpful unless prescribed by a doctor. Kerassentials helps address this condition, presenting a natural formulation that can help restore ever-young, healthy, and beautiful skin and nail health.

The natural blend of ingredients has been scientifically backed to promote healing from toenail fungus, support regeneration and development of new skin cells, and keep the nail & skin in good health. The Kerassentials product is ideal for use by people of all ages above 18 years. The use of natural ingredients ensures there are no possible side effects.

It is a potent combination of powerful essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that support the nails and skin to fight against fungus and rebuild itself. When applied as recommended, it gives your nails the necessary boost it requires, maintaining their health in several ways.

The ingredients present in the Kerassentials supplement can effectively pass through your nails and skin, entering your bloodstream and providing proven results. The high rate of bioavailability of these ingredients ensures better absorption. This helps get rid of the fungus and eliminates widespread accumulation.

Many customers have approved that using Kerassentials every day can help alleviate the symptoms of toenail fungus and prevent the same from occurring again. After the nails are healed, new skin and nails develop in the affected area, thus, ensuring improved health and preventing the build-up of fungus in the nails or skin.

Lack of immunity is one of the primary reasons that cause fungal infections. Kerassentials presents a blend of minerals and vitamins that help revive your immune system and prevent fungal infections from occurring.

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Pros & Cons of Kerassentials 

The below comparison of Kerassentials pros & cons will help you determine how effective Kerassentials is to help fight toenail fungus and improve the health of nails and skin.


  • A potent blend of plant-based ingredients
  • Natural formula
  • Easy to use
  • Non-GMO
  • No chemicals, no stimulants
  • Natural ingredients do not cause any potential side effects
  • The goodness of essential minerals and vitamins helps repair your nails and skin
  • Can be effective in improving skin and nail health
  • The ingredients and formulation are empirically proven and scientifically tested
  • Helps reduce inflammation, itching, and irritation from the fungal infection
  • Promotes natural and effective healing of nails and skin
  • Helps get rid of harmful free radicals, cleansing the body, and preventing it from relapsing


  • Does not have wide-based applications; it is suitable only for specific types of fungal infections
  • It is not suitable for use when the person has an underlying health condition because it can interfere with the effectiveness of other medicines
  • When taken more than the recommended dosage, Kerassentials can cause severe side effects on the skin and nails

Quantity, Packing, and Pricing 

Kerassentials doctor-formulated blend for healthy skin and nails is available in a 15 ml pack. One bottle is priced at $69; however, you get attractive discounts when you buy packs of 3 and 6. Three 15ml bottles provide 90 days of supply, available at just $59/bottle. On the other hand, six 15ml bottles provide approximately 180 days of supply, priced at $49/bottle.

Depending on the severity of the fungal infection, one can pick the right package. While the price of a single bottle seems to be on the higher end, the discounted prices on the pack of 6 bottles are attractive.

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How to Use Kerassentials Oil?

For effective results, it is recommended to use Kerassentials as recommended. Use the solution 4 times daily, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. It comes with an easy-to-use applicator that helps apply a coating of the solution onto the nails. The cotton swab can be used to apply it to the nail cuticles. You can gently file the surface of the nails before you can apply the solution. This helps in better absorption of the oils.

For best results, use the Kerassentials solution daily for 2-3 months.

Kerassentials Safety & Usage Guidelines 

Kerassentials is formulated by Dr. Kimberley Langdon and is a nature-based antifungal product. Its safety and usage guidelines are mentioned herewith:

  • Fungal infections can spread easily. Therefore, utmost care should be taken when applying the product and filing the nails, ensuring they do not touch the infected area
  • It is not recommended to use the product if you are pregnant, lactating, or have another skin condition
  • Immediately after applying the solution, wash your hands using soap and water. Do not touch your eyes
  • After applying the solution to your toenails, do not walk barefoot. It can expose the affected area to more fungus
  • Initially, you should begin by applying the solution twice a day to the affected area. Once you see improvements, you can increase the dosage to four times a day for effective results
  • Do not allow dirt or sweat to build up on your feet and hands
  • Make sure you do not stop using the product if it does not show results initially. Depending on the strength of the fungus, the severity of the fungal infection, and your health condition, the treatment may take time to deliver results

Are There Any Risks of Using Kerassentials? 

Despite being an organically sourced and nature-based antifungal solution, there are certain risks to using it. This primary happens when you do not use the product as directed. The potential risks of using Kerassentials are:

  • Do not use the solution for more than the recommended dosage of 4 times a day. Exceeding this dosage may cause irritation, swelling, allergic reaction, and redness in the affected area. If you experience such symptoms, contact a doctor immediately
  • The product cannot be used for associated fungal infections or multiple other instances because in that case, Kerassentials will lose its potency
  • When used with other skin conditions or medicines, or consumed in heavy dosage, the product can cause harmful effects on the body
  • It should not be used in children below 18 years of age or it can result in detrimental consequences

Kerassentials Reviews – Is It Worth Buying or a Scam?

Kerassentials is a reasonably effective antifungal solution that may help support the treatment of mild to severe skin and nail infections. It claims to contain high-quality, organically-sourced ingredients, backed by a potent formulation that may provide relief from the symptoms of toenail fungus and prevent it from reoccurring. Since the solution comprises science-backed essential oils, minerals, and vitamins, it helps maintain healthy nails and skin.

An interesting aspect of Kerassentials is that it comes with a hassle-free 60-day moneyback guarantee. That means you have approximately two months to use the product and check its effectiveness. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the product and get a complete refund. Hence, you can use the product without worrying about wasting your money on the wrong product.

The ingredients are naturally sourced, processed, and formulated – free of harmful chemicals, toxins, or pesticides. This helps reduce the risks of side effects when used as recommended. It not only helps ward off the toenail fungus from the affected area but also supports maintaining healthy skin and nails.

However, Kerassentials official website is the only place where one can buy the product. And this is a disappointment as the product goes out of stock quickly.

Overall, the product seems to provide promising results to its users. It is not a scam and is a 100% legitimate product. Additionally, with a safety net of a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can give it a shot.

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