Keep It Simple

Tips on cultivating your green thumb.

From Dr. Robert Bowden, Harry P. Leu Gardens
by planting some seeds. Bush beans are easy. Begin with a 6-inch clay pot or reuse a plastic liner that nursery plants come in (one gallon is a good size). Add some dirt—potting soil from the store, or just dig a shovelful from your yard—get a pack of seeds and plant four in the pot. Just water it and make sure it gets enough sunlight. In 55 to 60 days you can be eating beans. As you gain confidence, try something new. A pot is nice because you can move it and turn it to help it get the most sun. If a seedling dies, put another seed in.
TIP You can bury a bean seed right in your grass and it will start growing. 
LEARN Take a class together at Leu

From Brad Jones, Orlando Junior Academy
who are already successful—a grandmother down the street, a neighbor who is doing something that looks great from the curb. If you see something that looks nice, ask them about it—maybe offer to help them garden. They likely can’t wait to share their knowledge. 
JOIN IN Show up at OJA’s Give-Back Garden at  King Street and Musselwhite in College Park. We work every Sunday morning from 8:30-10:30, and Whole Foods Winter Park brings breakfast once a month. You’ll always learn something and can usually take something home. 
FIELD TRIP To start a project at home, I recommend visiting a mom-and-pop nursery. If you already have a pot, bring it with you. They’ll help you find the perfect getting-started project. 

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