Jeanie Weenie

I love clothes, but I refuse to wear a trend for a trend’s sake. All I know is that I’m sick of super-skinny jeans with low waists. For me, someone with a narrow waist and hips slightly wider than my thighs (isn’t that natural for most women?), it’s hard to find a truly flattering fit. Also, if at all possible, I like to avoid the walking-pelvis-on-two-toothpicks look.


Bleh. I think the style in general is getting tired. My ideal jean is one that has very narrow legs but isn’t completely form
fitting, like these dreaded "jeggings:”

I realize skinny styles are to be worn with tunics, but (er, butt?) seriously, can we leave just a wee bit to the imagination? I think we’ve rehashed the 80s to death at this point. Let’s move on, shall we?

Stovepipes: Ah, now that’s chic–and perpetually stylish.

There is much talk about the baggy pants coming back according to fashion editors out there, but I haven’t seen much of that yet. As an experiment, I recently pulled out a dated pair of boot cut Joe’s Jeans. They fit well in the waist, but the bellbottom is not so hot. So I loosely pegged them above the ankle. And, wouldn’t you know, they looked really cute that way. I haven’t pegged my jeans since the seventh grade. Guess I’m on board for “boyfriend” look.

Try it: you might like it.