It's Not Just Nuts and Dolts

    I think it’s a safe bet that most of us are fairly familiar with the cast of characters involved in the Casey Anthony case by now. You know, the ones who came into our living rooms and computers almost every day during the past couple of years. Since Tuesday, we’ve gotten a little more up close and personal with a few of Casey’s past friends we only knew by name from transcripts and selective interviews. Thursday was a long day in the courtroom, so instead of reciting a blow-by-blow, play-by-play account of the day’s events, I thought I’d throw some names out to think about. I mean, how much did we really know about Anthony Lazzaro before he was sworn in? All we knew, or thought we knew, was based on responses to law enforcement questions and a stack of photos from inside the now defunct Fusian Ultra Lounge, where he ran Friday night dance parties. Today, he lives back on Long Island. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business and he’s moved on with his life. From what I could tell in the courtroom and idle chatter in the hall, he’s really got his act together. No doubt, Anthony Lazzaro was one of the main characters we couldn’t wait to hear from, and he delivered. What do you think?
    Some of the witnesses for the state brought us a few aha moments. Yes, we remember those names! Some we may not recall all that well, but they now have faces and personalities and lives so distant from their once common bonds; the Fusian – where most of them hung out – and the ones that loom so large, Casey and Caylee . It was quite a social collection and it’s nice to see they’ve moved on with their lives instead of remaining mired in the party days of youth. It’s even nicer that they want only justice for the little girl lost.
    Let’s see who’s testified so far, besides Tony:

  • George Anthony
  • Cameron Campina
  • Nathan Lezniewicz
  • Roy “Clint” House
  • Maria Kissh
  • Brian Burner
  • Jamie Realander
  • Erica Gonzalez
  • Ricardo Morales
  • Melissa England
  • Troy Brown
  • Iassen Donov
  • Dante Salati
  • Christopher Stutz
  • Matthew Crisp
    Of course, I have my own opinions of some of them from seeing and hearing them inside the courtroom, but I want to know what you think, too. Any of them. All of them. I mean, I think it’s safe to say that we know what it takes to push Judge Perry’s buttons, and when we think of his wrath, we know who brings it best. Is Jose Baez solely responsible for all the woes that befall him? Does he deserve all those incantations from the judge? “Objection overruled!” Is he a cracker jack lawyer who needs a good whipping, or is he secretly as sly as a fox and we haven’t seen his best yet?
    What about George? There’s no doubt he’s the fall guy, but does he deserve it? I mean, isn’t there just something off about him? He was an officer of the law for almost 10 years. For several of them, he was a detective. I don’t think it’s extraordinary to think he should have known Casey wasn’t working, yet he let it slip past him for a long, long time. Why? In one sense, maybe Baez was right. Why didn’t he question Casey about the shed break-in? He knew she took his cans before, and on more than one occasion. The impression I’m getting is that there’s some strange activity going on, but I can’t put my finger on it. I know it’s tough to live under a microscope, and for the most part it shouldn’t be any of our business, but did Casey really grow up in a household of liars? Did Lee actually try to cop a feel?
    I have a feeling that by the end of this trial, the jury may be convinced that Casey had one messed up childhood. Will that change the outcome? Was Jose Baez shrewd when he came out swinging at the opening bell, ripping the Anthony family to shreds?
    Oh, and where did Frank George come from all of a sudden? Throughout the hearings, he was as quiet as a church mouse, but Whoa! He’s become the most vocal prosecutor of late, and he’s now at the top of my list.
    What about Cheney Mason? Is he really Foghorn Leghorn, or is he just a big city country boy, who’s set out to intimidate state witnesses with his gritty charm?
    This is a perfect time to describe your thoughts on each person who’s directly involved in the case, including ones yet to come, like Amy Huizenga and Annie Downing? Who will impact the case the most? Roy Kronk? Jesse Grund?






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