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Jake, a ten-year-old from Marlton, New Jersey, was given a task; select a topic he was familiar with and craft a feature article about it, in hopes of getting it published. His entire class wrote informational texts and sent them across the country. Jake chose to send his feature to us.

Upon receiving the article, we not only decided to give him the opportunity to share his work but also to catapult a new program at Orlando magazine with a mission of sharing the passion of young writers everywhere. 

The "Kid Kontributor of the Month" will spotlight one writer and their feature article on a  specific topic each month. Read Jake's submission below, and head to to learn more. 


Did you know Universal is 27 through 28 years old?  Well that is what I will talk about. Universal is an awesome theme park with really great rides. Here are some I will talk about. The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Doom and the Harry Potter Ride.  These are the three main rides in Universal.


Wow, Hulk went nuts.

The Green Beast

This is one really great ride in Universal that many people think is awesome and alarming. It is the Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk was made in 1999. One reason that people like it is because some people have never seen Hulk’s lab before. Well when you wait in line people walk through Hulk’s lab. Another reason people like it is because you start slow. Then you zoom up, down, left and right really fast.  The last reason I have is it feels like you will DIE (in a good way). After you start you are zooming in the air on tracks right above the water. You are going so fast it feels like you will zoom in the water. But when you buckle your seatbelt and you strap in you will be fine. I hope you want to ride Hulk.


This is it. Dr. Doom’s ride.  Scary.


Evil Ride

Often time people think Dr. Doom is totally terrifying but fun to ride. Dr. Doom was made in 1999. One reason people think Dr. Doom is fun is because before you ride you walk through his lab. Just like in the Hulk, many people have never seen Dr. Doom’s lab before. One other reason people like Dr. Doom is because you start zooming up then you stop for a second or two.  Then you zoom back down. The last reason is during your ride it looks like you are on top of the world when you pause at the top but only from your point of view. If you like Dr. Doom so far you should ride it.


The Wizard Is Last

Normally the Harry Potter Ride has a long line because it is so great. It was also made in 2007 [that was the author’s birth year].  The first reason people like it is that people need lockers so you do not lose your stuff. Another reason people like the Harry Potter Ride is as soon as you ride it feels and looks like you are in the movie Harry  Potter. Meanwhile you go around in a cart with Harry Potter and all the characters on a screen. The last reason is it feels like you are flying around. Go on, you can ride if you want.


No matter how you look at it most people think Universal is a wonderful wonderland with really awesome rides.  The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Doom, and the Harry Potter Ride are great. Surely you can go to Universal and find rides you like too.  


Try and find only two rides I talked about.


Jake R. is an active 10-year-old boy who is a great older brother and an avid sports player. He loves video games, theme parks and amusement rides, and spending time with friends and family. He is super creative, loves to draw and wants to be a Disney Imagineer when he grows up.

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