Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

When the rain keeps you cooped up and the power's out, try these activities for keeping entertained.

Indoor Play Around Town

With many outdoor activities being cancelled in the days leading up to the hurricane, there are still many places to take the kiddos for a good time indoors.*

Colorful Fun

At Crayola Experience in The Florida Mall, kids can melt and mold their own crayons, customize a label, learn how crayons are made, create their own puzzle, paint, and watch their drawings come alive on a big screen. There are also two play areas, a playground for big kids and a spot just for toddlers. For more info:

Girl's Day Out

The Florida Mall's American Girl store has a diverse collection of dolls, clothing and accessories that allows young girls to choose a playmate who relates most to them—whether by personality, skin tone or beliefs. And after picking a doll, shop the bookstore for personal stories about their American Girl. The store’s full-service salon for dolls offers hair-styling, facials, ear-piercing and more. With a doll and book to take home, they'll have new entertainment for later if the power is lost. For more info:

Scientific Fun

Visit the Orlando Science Center for four floors of educational play. The new KidsTown is great for the young ones to work off energy with the Isaacs Family ClimbTime or take them to the top floor where they can learn about the weather, experience hurricane level winds, and see how tornados happen. On other floors they can learn to build, experience technology, walk through a reptile jungle, and watch movies. For more info:

Library Fun

Orange County, Seminole County, and local city libraries offer free and educational entertainment for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children in the way of storytime and other educational workshops that are free to attend. Most branches have a children's or young adult section with age-approprate books to check out or read while you're there. For more info Orange County: For more info Seminole County:

Value of A Dollar Tree

For a grand total of $1, you can make the idea of staying home later fun by letting them pick out whatever they want—treats, glow-in-the-dark wands, bubbles, toys, stickers, crafts—anything. For more info:

Monkeyin' Around Fun

Let the kids ages 12 and under bounce, slide, and jump the extra energy out at Monkey Joe's with their indoor bounce houses. There are two locations, one in Pointe Orlando and the other in Winter Park, and walk-in's are welcome. For more info:

At Home

If the storm hits and a curfew is in place or power is lost, find ways to keep the family entertained requiring no electricity.

Board Games

Make sure to have a Game Plan for when the weather forces you to unplug. It's a chance to connect the old fashioned way, and in some cases with a new spin.

Homemade Fort

Get the kids moving with a fort building contest. Grab your kitchen chairs, your sheets and pillows and see who can be the most creative.

Photo Books

This is a great time for pulling out any old photos you may have stashed in books or boxes and get them organized. While organizing you can prep for a flood by putting them in Ziploc bags and storing them in the dishwasher. Everyone can be involved and fill the time with reminiscences while being productive by getting them organized. 

Learn a New Skill

Have any old yo-yo's around? Take this time to hone your skills and who knows, you might have future Yo-Yo Champion in the family.

Get Crafty

With all the supplies your kids picked out at the Dollar Tree, or anything you have laying around the house, create face masks or other crafts that can be used in October as Halloween decorations.

*Note: many businesses are choosing to close Sunday, and may close early or all day Saturday due to weather changes. Suggestions for places to visit are only made if weather is permitting. For updates on closures and if a curfew is implemented see:

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