I Love This…Outdoor Sculpture

Every time Pam Brandon sits on the back porch of her Winter Park home, she enjoys looking at one of her favorite things: a large mosaic created by artist Robbie Pallard, a fellow West Virginian and friend of more than 25 years. The sculpture, which Pallard created 10 years ago, is named “A River Runs Through It.” Says  Brandon: “Lake Howell Creek runs along the back of our yard; and some of the pieces of mosaic glass appear to flow.” 

The colorful sculpture was intended originally as an outdoor dining table for Brandon and her family. However, “the Florida rains really took a toll on it,” she says. “It was so special, though, we decided to give it a spot of prominence in the backyard.” Her husband designed a steel structure to support it standing upright and then lit the artwork so they could view it even after dark. 

Pallard created the mosaic by hand over several months. “I took him antique plates from my grandmother, and some of my favorite colored stones.” Other additions: a dog pawprint in memory of Bear, the family’s beloved golden retriever; a miniature bottle of Tabasco, a nod to their love of spicy cuisine; and four small stones in the shape of ladybugs to represent Brandon, her husband and their two children. “I love that ladybugs are a symbol of good luck and protection; they are a sweet reminder of our close-knit family. 

“Most every piece of art in our house was made by a friend or a Florida artist,” she says, “and having a piece by a fellow transplanted West Virginian is especially meaningful.” 

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