I Love This… Fountain

Writer and photographer Anna Powers has a knack for portraits—even impromptu, casual family snapshots. One of her tips? Choose a well-loved location and establish a family tradition of making pictures there.

“For us, those pictures are taken in front of this fountain,” she says.

Pictures on Powers’ phone, fridge and Instagram feed feature the fountain prominently. It has had a starring role on the first day of school (she and her partner have a blended family with four children) and on family birthdays.

The fountain is located in a shared courtyard at the center of Powers’ small townhouse community on Summerlin Avenue in downtown Orlando.

“I started my career and family in New York City, so when I moved to the Orlando suburbs 9 years ago, I really missed being able to walk everywhere. I had traded walking for driving. Moving downtown solved that problem, but I had to give up my backyard, where I hung out and the kids played,” she says.

As it turned out, the courtyard became her family’s oasis after too many hours spent inside their townhouse. 

“The sound of the fountain creates a sense of calm all through the courtyard. You can’t really hear street noise. Our kids play four square out here. They can totally let loose. We’re going to approach our HOA about getting café tables and chairs placed in some of the paved areas so more neighbors will come out and enjoy the beautiful plantings, the landscape lighting that comes on at night, and of course, the fountain.” 

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