How to Buy a Diamond From Home

The Benefits of Buying Diamonds Online

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Buying a diamond, whether for yourself or someone special, is a memorable experience. Yet, the current health crisis has made it impossible to make this purchase in person. So can you get the job done online and have the perfect stone delivered right to your doorstep? The answer is yes: Buying diamonds online can be safe and easy if you do your due diligence—and work with the right company!

The Benefits of Buying Diamonds Online

When you’re shopping for diamonds, focus on the two most important aspects of your search: price and quality. You want to get the best quality diamond at a reasonable price. Online shopping can help you achieve both of those goals. Here are some of the main reasons to buy diamonds online.

  • Lower Prices: Online merchants often don’t have to manage the costs of having physical retail stores (or less so, if they do have some brick-and-mortar shops). In many cases, they’ll pass the savings on to you so you can buy more for less.
  • A Plethora of Options: You’ll be able to shop around and you’ll likely have far more options than if you were limited to the selections local shops had on hand — not just of diamonds, but engagement rings, too.
  • Convenience – At the end of the day, there’s nothing more luxurious than buying diamonds from the luxury of your own living room. You can get it all done with a few clicks of a mouse.

2019 03 05 Clean Origins Day 20817 (1)What to Look for in Online Diamond Companies

Ensuring that you’re working with a reputable company can make or break your diamond buying experience. Here are just a few tips to make sure that the place you’re sourcing your diamonds from will give you just what you need.

  • Reviews on a Third Party Site: Advertisements and testimonials on a company’s site may not mean much, so do some research online to read reviews hosted elsewhere to get a sense of the company’s online reputation.
  • Diamond Certificates with Each Purchase: A good jewelry company will issue you a diamond report with each purchase. This includes an evaluation of the diamond based on the 4 C’s, ///what are the 4 c’s? along with a visual “map” of the stone.
  • A Good Return Policy: While shopping for diamonds online is safe, fast and easy, the one downside is that you aren’t able to see the gem in person before you buy. While this likely won’t be an issue most of the time, sometimes life happens and you’ll need to return the piece. Look for a company that makes this easy with a generous, flexible return policy, along with 360-degree videos of all their diamonds.
  • Free Shipping: A company that offers free shipping is a company that prioritizes every facet of your experience. If a specific company offers it routinely or runs frequent promotions that feature free shipping, it’s a good sign.
  • Free Resizing: With online buying, you won’t get to try a piece on before it is shipped to to your home. Ask about the company’s resizing services to make sure they are complimentary before you click “add to cart.”
  • Ability to Speak With an Expert: While you won’t be able to speak to a diamond specialist face-to-face, look for a company that has good messaging or chatting options. With such a meaningful investment, you’re definitely going to want to use them as a resource if you have any questions. Note whether a good customer service phone line is available, too.

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Final Thoughts

Fortunately, this is the age of the internet, so you have a world of beautiful gems available at your fingertips online. Be sure to do your research, so you can have a hassle-free and secure diamond shopping experience!

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