Hinge Launches in Orlando Today

Florida, rejoice! Dating app Hinge has launched in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami to-day.

Guided by their increasingly popular “no randos” gospel, Hinge makes it easy to meet people through your friends. Unlike other apps that tend to rake in whoever is nearby, Hinge shows you people in your extended social circles—the types of people your friends might introduce you to, but just haven’t had the chance to yet.

How Hinge is Different

Hinge is focused on helping users find people they’ll actually connect with, in a trusted, authentic environment. Here’s how they do it:

1. No randos. Every day you receive up to 20 potential connections curated from your extended social circles— friends of friends on Facebook, instead of the strangers you’d meet on Tinder. Why? Hinge knows one of the best ways to meet people is through friends, because you’re likely to have a lot in common, and trust and accountability are pre-established.

2. No frauds. Review validated profiles pulled in from Facebook, that show details like workplace, education, full names, friends in common and other facts that are significant in determining if you’d actually want to meet up. Plus, surfacing jobs and full names keep people honest and accountable—no catfishing here.

3. No getting stuck behind the screen. If there’s mutual interest in meeting, Hinge personally introduces you. Their mission is for you and your match to really connect offline, not endlessly message each other on the app.

About 99 percent of Hinge users are college-educated, with most working in banking, consulting, media and fashion. And in just under two years, Hinge has already seen more than 6 million matches and even celebrated several Hinge-gagements!

The app is currently live in 13 other cities, including DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, Austin, Houston, Seattle, and Denver. Available in the App Store and Google Play, find out more at hinge.co.

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