Here Comes the Groom

Achieve a tuxedo’s perfect style and fit with these easy-to-follow tips.

Shirt collar should comfortably hug the neck with 1 inch of playroom.  •  Allow enough tension to fasten the necktie, but not so tight it buckles the shirt.  •  Jacket needs to fall at the natural shoulder, fitting smoothly across the back without pulling or gaping.  •  Tighten the vest so it drapes nicely and covers the waistband of the trousers.  •  The sleeve of a man’s tuxedo jacket should fall at the wrist bone.  •  Have shirtsleeves extend at least a half-inch beyond the sleeve of the tuxedo jacket.  •  Tuxedo pants’ adjustable waistlines should be equal on both sides so pants lie flat and straight.  •  Appropriate pant length has a single break above the top of the shoe and just covers the laces.  •  Socks ought to be calf-length. You don’t want to see skin when you sit or cross your legs.  •  Patent leather shoes are the standard.

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