Health Hub: Take The Feel Whole Challenge With Us

Now is the best time to start! Come take the Feel Whole Challenge with us!


Tommy Ballew, 32, had not been feeling well for several months, experiencing night sweats and dropping weight without trying. Screening revealed that he had colon cancer. While the disease affects more than 140,000 people every year and is highly treatable if caught early, and is even prevalent in Tommy’s family history, his cancer journey was anything but run-of-the-mill.
“The cancer was growing on the outside of my colon, actually,” Tommy, a Winter Springs police officer, said. “The tumor was the size of a baseball and already Stage IV when it was discovered.” After enduring months of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, Tommy underwent successful surgery at AdventHealth Orlando in November 2018 to remove it, along with his spleen and parts of his colon and diaphragm. Such an ordeal would change anyone, but Tommy was determined his would be a positive change. 
“My family having gone through all that, I decided to make it a point to make better choices – mentally and physically,” Tommy said. “When I heard about the AdventHealth Feel Whole Challenge, I really went at it, head-on, to start new, healthy routines."


The Feel Whole Challenge encourages each participant to focus on their body, mind and spirit for 21 days. Using the Feel Whole Challenge calendar, participants of all ages can start on any day to complete a series of achievable goals designed to increase overall wellness. “It came at the perfect time for me,” Tommy said. “The challenges made me stop and really think about how I wanted to live from now on.” He was especially excited to undertake the Day 5 challenge to share something he’s passionate about with someone else. “I took my two-year-old daughter fishing,” he said, laughing. “It was so much fun." Spurred by the challenge calendar prompt to take time to pray for someone else, Tommy gave daily thanks for the life of his grandfather, a two-time cancer survivor in hospice care. “I asked that he feel comfort and peace,” Tommy said. “I know that he did, and as I prayed each day, I did, too.” 


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