Great Spring Color: Add a Pinch of Pollen Green

Six homes celebrating spring with a pinch of pollen green.

Achoo! Pollen season has hit us early this year, thanks in part to the Winter That Wasn't. Although you'll hear me grumble as I go through yet another box of Kleenex or hose down my car for the umpteenth day in a row, I secretly love the sneezy stuff for one reason: its color.

That beautiful, changeable hue — greener in some lights, yellower in others — feels spring fresh and perennially youthful. It can work as a neutral or create a bright focal point. And while I may not want it dusting my deck chairs, I'm all for it inside my house. Read on for six strategies for blending it into a room.


This yellow-green Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman look luminous in a restrained, neutral living area. Combined with the vase of callas, they create an oasis of vibrant color without dominating the room.

Texas Construction Company, original photo on Houzz

I don't think I've ever seen a floor stained this shade, and I'm digging it. It would have been so easy to go the traditional route and stick to the natural wood tone or paint it white, but these homeowners took a risk that paid off. The intense green brings the bath to life, and the red stool in the shower balances the palette nicely.

Ana Williamson Architect, original photo on Houzz

So simple, yet so clever – treat the inside of a shower with bright color and leave the walls white, rather than the other way around. The result: an eye-popping box of pure fun.


Spring meets fall! Pumpkin orange gains a little levity from green trim and accents on this exterior. Both colors feel organic to the landscape but are unexpected enough to catch the eye and boost curb appeal.

Amoroso Design, original photo on Houzz

At first glance, this stair runner reads as a neutral. Its pollen-green undertones are muted, but the art panel framed by the cutout in the wall pulls the color upward.

Anderson Design Studio, original photo on Houzz

Yellow-green accents barely dust this neutral living space. This is an excellent method of road testing a color you're not sure you want to commit to — it's easy to swap these small pieces out on a whim.

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