Great Scott!

Comedian Carrot Top returns to his old stomping ground for a show at The Plaza Live! on Dec. 14.

Scott Thompson has one of the most familiar faces in America, but it’s his stage name—Carrot Top—that makes him even more recognizable. While the comedian frequently returns to his home in Winter Park, it’s rare that he brings along the semi trucks that carry all of the props and gear and equipment showcased in his long-running one-man show at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

His homecoming appearance at The Plaza Live! on Dec. 14 will be a chance to perform for local fans as well as longtime friends who supported him when he was honing his act here in the late 1980s. In those days Thompson shared an Altamonte Springs apartment with friends and held multiple minimum-wage jobs that left him fishing for coins beneath sofa cushions just to afford a night at a theater.

Now he’s headlining them.

It’s a success story that Thompson treasures.

“I am so lucky,” he told Orlando magazine. “And I have to give props to the community. Orlando has always been the best to me. And it’s a great place to go back to. All I need is my boat and the lake and getting on my scooter and going down Park Avenue.

“God strike me dead if I don’t give thanks every day. I’m thankful beyond more than you know.”

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