Florida Film Festival

A peek at some of the films being featured at the 25th annual Florida Film Festival.

The festival runs April 8-17, featuring more about 170 films being screened at Enzian and Regal Winter Park Village 20. For tickets and more information, visit floridafilmfestival.com. Some of the featured movies:

Tickled This documentary by a New Zealand director is about “the dark underbelly of competitive tickling.” Don’t giggle. Apparently the object of the game is to see how much tickling a person can endure from a “professional tickler”— and director David Farrier during in his research made a stop in, yes, Orlando.

Wrestling Alligators. Another documentary, this one about Seminole Tribe chairman James Billie and his effort to open the nation’s first high stakes bingo parlor—and protect  the tribe from big-money investors who want to wrestle the casino business away from them.

EmbersA moody, ingenious film about post-apocalyptic survivors, all of whom have suffered short and long-term memory loss because of the cataclysm. What if you suspected you love the person you just woke up next to, but neither of you can remember the other? And what if that situation was not the exception, but the new normal for humanity?

Love & FriendshipAn adaptation of Lady Susan, an obscure Jane Austin epistolary novel, starring Kate Beckinsale as an unscrupulous femme fatale who is prowling for a suitable husband while maintaining an affair with a married man.

Danny Says. A documentary about Danny Fields, the godfather of punk rock, who managed the Ramones, Iggy and the Stooges, and was instrumental in the careers of Jim Morrison, The Velvet Underground, MC5 and The Modern Lovers.

My Big Night.  Alex de la Iglesia’s backstage satire about a New Year’s Eve variety show fraught with groupies, romance and clashing egos.

The Lobster. Another imaginative dystopia movie about a world in which people who don’t find a mate within 45 days will be doomed to turn into an animal.

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You. A documentary about the acerbic creator of All in the Family and The Jeffersons that is also about whether today’s television confronts social issues as well as Lear did.

Lamb. After his mother dies, an Ethiopian boy is sent off, along with his pet, to live with relatives to whom the lamb looks less like a pet and more like the perfect sacrifice for an upcoming religious feast.

Bacon and God’s Wrath. A playful “docu-collage,” combining animation and live action, about a 90 year-old Jewish woman who broadens her horizons late in life and reassesses the strictures of her faith after discovering “the Google.”

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