Finishing Touches

Create memorable moments for your ceremony or reception.


Raquel Chilson

Make a Wish

Wish lanterns are the latest trend in adding a personalized magical finale to your wedding and reception. Traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals, these paper lanterns, also known as Chinese or sky lanterns, symbolize the release of worries and problems—just what any busy bride needs after months of wedding planning. Simply light the fuel cell, wait for the lanterns to fill up with hot air, make your wish, then let go and watch the lanterns float upward into the sky. The celestial lights provide for breathtaking photo ops, and your guests will feel like a special part of your celebration. Personalized wedding packages are available from websites such as, which features biodegradable, eco-friendly lanterns. 

Beata Ksel Photography

And Now Introducing…

Put your own spin on making a grand entrance to your wedding ceremony or reception. Here are some ideas for a unique entry:
-Arrive in a stylish mode of transportation—a boat if your venue is on the water, or a vintage car, a Cinderella-style carriage, or even on horseback for a casual, outdoor wedding. 
-Choreograph a dance to your favorite song. Local dance studios such as The Zebra Room ( offer dance lessons with professional instructors.
-Get creative and incorporate a video that features family and friends sharing stories about the two of you. Then, play the video on a large screen for your guests before you enter the reception.

Heather Rice

Dancing on Air

While it may sound like nothing more than a dreamy romantic fairy tale, dancing on a cloud at your wedding is actually possible (well, kind of), thanks to Orlando DJ Kristin Hubbard Wilson with Our DJ Rocks. The effect is created by a cloud machine—not to be confused with a fog machine—that emits a soft, white blanket of “clouds” that cover the dance floor, spreading evenly and staying low to the ground. Wilson uses this with special up lighting to create the perfect ambiance for a couple’s first dance. Pricing starts at $300. 
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