Feel Home In 2021: Tips From A Winter Park Resident & Interior Designer

Here are few tips and tricks as you reorganize, style and plan your space for the new year to come.

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Feel Home in 2021

I think we’re all ready for a fresh start. A clean slate. An environment that fosters not inhibits. Now, more than ever, the sense of home and being comfortable in it is so important. 2020 came with hurdles, obstacles and an un-welcomed change to routine. So, let’s embrace 2021 with planned pivots, acceptance and appreciation for the things we do have and the things we can control.

As we all take down the holiday decor and immediately feel a sense of void, it’s important to build it back up with intention to create the atmosphere you need. Here are few tips and tricks as you reorganize, style and plan your space for the new year to come. 

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Fill the Void

Some of us love the lack of stuff when the holiday decor comes down and then others like REALLY miss it. So depending on where you fall, I think this still applies a little bit. When you take down the holiday, take it all down. Clear off those shelves, mantels and tables completely. It’s a moment where you can fully look at a blank canvas and then fill them back up. You might notice that it’s a great spot for a new vase, or a stack of books or maybe even an opportunity to add light with a lamp or hang up that painting that’s been in the closet. Point being, when you take all the decor and distractions away it leads to more style/decor and open minded options. If you’re anything like me, this is a great time to get creative and play. 

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Organize What Comes Down

Sometimes we rush this part and just shove it all into boxes and back to the garage it goes. Your future self will totally thank you though if you take the extra time to label and donate what you know you won’t use next year. Then when you go to decorate next year, you already have a better idea of what you have and where and how you’re going to use it. 

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Spaces That Matter Most

Your whole house can’t be clean and organized all the time. As a mom of two, I totally get the give and take. My advice here is to focus on the moments and parts of your home that matter most and then let those shine. If there is a table you walk by everyday – give it some attention and style it to your heart’s content. If you always come home through the mudroom then put some effort there into making it functional and clean so when you walk through the door you’re more at ease. I like to make the powder bath feel special and put together since it’s a smaller space and we, as a family, are constantly using it.

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Picture It

Even though 2020 may not have been the best travel year and you might have missed some family/friend birthdays or holidays – take the New Year to add those elements back into your home. How? Well, that cute pitcher you got from a custom ceramics shop in GA is now a vase on your dining room table. The hand knit bag you got in Mexico a few years ago can look cute on a mudroom hook. Order travel books of where you’ve been and where you want to go and strategically place them on a shelf. In the midst of finding little travel trinkets, look for old pictures. Frame heartwarming moments you want to remember and print new ones. Large format prints create such a statement and become art on their own. Give faces you might miss the opportunity to be front and center. 

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Our homes and styles are personal. And with being personal we’re also different and it’s important to embrace that. I love the most beautiful curated space as the next person, but I want to reiterate that what makes our home our haven isn’t making it look like the rest. Let’s make 2021 about curating an environment that’s best for you not just visually. 


About Jamie Gernert 

With her love for interiors and social media consulting – she founded wyc designs to blend both worlds. Her in-depth background in Ad/PR, social media and now custom home building provides a solid foundation of experience and then layered with her warm, organic and simple design aesthetic she has carved her own unique style and offerings in Central Florida and now nation-wide.

“It is really exciting to pursue this passion – taking my love forWycdesigns Jamiegernert interiors and social media to help small businesses, fellow entrepreneurs and neighbors build their dream. Whether it be a curated and branded Instagram account or designing a swoon-worthy kitchen remodel – I’m all in. Some would say the time is risky, but now more than ever we need to focus on what is most important to us – to me that’s flexibility to be with my family and when I’m not, to be fully content with the work that I am doing.” 

Her newly custom home that she designed was built by LunDev Custom Homes and was completed right before the pandemic hit. It was “perfect timing” Jamie said. She was able to move her family in and focus on styling and curating images of her biggest custom project yet – this dream home. Her California Casual design aesthetic and statement kitchen has been shared among some of the top interior design blogs and instagram accounts around. With features on Emily Henderson’s Design Blog, a Bedrosian’s Designer Spotlight and design accolades from some design icons like Amber Interiors and Becki Owens under her belt she’s been riding this social media wave with over 13k new followers in just 4 months. 

As if her design business wasn’t enough, she also partners with brands like Pottery Barn, Jenni Kayne, McGee & Co., Wayfair and a slew of fashion brands for sponsored and promotional content curation and does social media consulting for local small businesses like New General on the side.

Jamie lives in Winter Park, Florida with her husband and two boys. Follow her incredible account on Instagram at @WorkYourCloset!

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