Family Matters

We celebrate the family with strategies for connection and creativity, such as gardening together, taking music lessons, and setting some rules for high-tech toys. Plus check out our bucket list of fun excursions.

Whether you are part of a family of 2 or 10, we’ve got tips on how to enrich your life—from striking a balance with technology and taking music lessons, to gardening with kids and having fun excursions. Also, some local chefs speak from experience on how to get your kids to eat. 

Dirt, Sun, Water & Seeds

A basic formula to bring your family closer together. 

Family Tech 🙂 and 🙁

Phones, computers and games can spark a big disconnect. But they also can help us share experiences. 

Bucket (of Fun) List

10 things every Central Florida family should do at least once.

Rock Your Kid's World 

Music lessons can benefit children for life.

Chef Challenges 

How do the culinary experts get their kids to eat? We asked for some strategies.

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