Faces of ORL: Wealth Management

Meet John Ledford, CEO & Cole Linquist, President of FWG!
Fortress Wealth, Photo By Roberto Gonzalez

Fortress Wealth, photo by Roberto Gonzalez


John Ledford, CEO & Cole Linquist, President

Fortress Wealth Group

We are delighted to be listed, once again, as the “Faces of Wealth Management.” Since receiving this honor last year, we have continued to grow at a rapid pace. Fortress Wealth Group (FWG) is the 8th largest, unaffiliated registered investment advisory firm in Central Florida with nearly $300 million of assets under management.

According to CEO, John Ledford, this growth can be attributed to multiple factors. “The launch of Fortress Family Office and our implementation of complex tax saving strategies have catapulted our fi rm several years into the future.” Another move in the right direction, the recent promotion of Cole Linquist to president of Fortress.

Under his leadership, FWG is launching its first private equity fund available exclusively to Fortress clients. Fund I will be focused on private growth opportunities and Fund II (scheduled to launch in 2023) will be focused on private income opportunities. According to Linquist, “This is an incredible time for our company and our clients as we build new partnerships, develop meaningful relationships and expand unique wealth-generating opportunities for our clients.”

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