Faces of ORL: Epilepsy Care

Meet Dr. Sadek, the leader behind Orlando Epilepsy Center!

Sadek Faces


Ahmed Sadek, M.D.

Orlando Epilepsy Center – The Leaders in Epilepsy Care

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care for our epilepsy patients,” says Dr. Sadek, an Ivy League-trained neurologist with extensive training in the fi eld of epilepsy management and Medical Director of Orlando Epilepsy Center. He adds, “We strive to achieve our goals of unparalleled epilepsy services to our patients not only through our clinical team but also by providing one of the most sophisticated centers for epilepsy monitoring.”

As a specialist and thought leader in the fi eld of epilepsy, Dr. Sadek believes that medical and surgical approaches for managing epilepsy should be tailored to each patient according to their epilepsy type, functional needs and their goals. In addition to highly advanced epilepsy management approaches, Dr. Sadek and his team emphasize compassion and patient advocacy as a core philosophy for their patient care.

Contact Dr. Sadek:

2881 Delaney Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 | Phone: 407-652-6000 | Orlando-Epilepsy.com

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