Faces of ORL 2022: Community & Economic Development

Meet the leadership team at the Orlando Economic Partnership!

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Rachael Kobb, Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications; Nicholas Abrahams, Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Regional Investment; Scott Fagan, Chief Financial Officer; Tim Giuliani, President & CEO; Crystal Sircy, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, Economic Development; David M. Adelson, Chief Innovation Officer; Jo Newell, Vice President, Corporate Engagement; Casey Barnes, CEcD, MEDP, Vice President, Economic Development; Laureen Martinez, Vice President, Marketing & Brand Management; Danielle Permenter, Vice President, Talent & Community Development

Orlando Economic Partnership

About The Orlando Economic Partnership

Orlando’s status as a top contender for business investment did not happen overnight. Fueled by a booming population, stellar regional assets and an attractive, collaborative environment, the Orlando region’s steady climb to the top of companies’ short list proves it is no longer an underdog, but often a frontrunner. This growth, accelerated by coastal, sunbelt and tech migration, is guided by the strategic vision and economic development expertise of the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership).

Laser-focused on growing a future of Broad-based Prosperity®, the Partnership is seizing the moment by growing the diversity of the economy and driving investment into the region.

The Partnership catalyzes Orlando’s collaborative spirit to fuel regional leadership and improve the region’s competitiveness.

The Partnership’s initiatives include economic development, advocacy and public a­ airs, advancing transportation solutions and semiconductor manufacturing capabilities as well as branding the Orlando region as the MetaCenter and one of the world’s top business destinations. In 2022, the Partnership launched a new brand identity for the region, “Orlando Unbelievably Real,” with Visit Orlando. “Unbelievably Real” combines its reputation as the top leisure destination in the world with an impactful and transformational message that establishes the region’s strength as a business location.

The Partnership is home to programs like Leadership Orlando and the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute and o­ffers expertise and services through the Orlando Film Commission, Orlando Tech Council, All Women Empowered, and the Black Boardroom Leadership Institute. The Partnership also views Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as critical to the expansion of Broad based Prosperity®, as it helps retain and attract talent, drive regional innovation and create access and opportunity for all.

Thanks to the Partnership and the work it accomplishes with its partners, the world is realizing Orlando is a place built by dreams: where all big thinkers, go-getters, entrepreneurs, adventure seekers and fun lovers are welcome; where the authentic and fantastical come together in harmony; and where possibilities are limitless, as long as you can imagine them. And that’s what makes Orlando Unbelievably Real.

Contact Information:

200 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 200 | Orlando, FL 32801 | Phone: 407-422-7159 | InvestOrlando.org

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